Learning to See - Learning to Visualize

by Jon

There are several categories of drawings: you get those recoding of what was seen, those that visualize what is imagined (also we can add later those that symbolize ideas).

In your drawing practice, you can fix visual impressions in static forms to build your knowledge in simple steps. That’s why I like to teach you in these early stages “how to see.”

We all see things differently depending on our education, our experiences and our thought patterns. Also, if you have had the unfortunate experience of having an art teacher who tells you “That is wrong” is a giant step backwards and suppresses your emotions about art form to almost zero.

You have to “unlearn” all that nonsense as there is no wrongness or mistakes in art.

Art is really freedom of expression with an open mind about “how things are seen” and how things CAN BE seen or visualized.

Your point of view compared to the art student standing next to you, are vastly different even if he/she is your twin sibling!

You have different feelings and emotions going through your mind at a rapid rate. Or maybe you are not feeling well physically – how can you then create something that is beautiful? No, you can’t!

So it is having a feeling of well-being, feeling physically great and are passionate about the drawing you are about to create.

At this moment is the right time to be creative with whatever you are drawing.

You “see” the real form in front of you, you can actually “feel” the object you are drawing – that’s putting some of YOU into your drawing – this is when a masterpiece is created. YOUR MASTERPIECE!

So have a look from these 2 viewpoints, get out a sharp 2B pencil and start sketching.

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