Learning to Sketch with Geometric Shapes

by Lilian Beasly
(London UK)

Drawing With Geometric Shapea

Drawing With Geometric Shapea

There's a common misconception among some people that it takes supreme talent to draw. Saying "I can't draw" is equal to saying "I can't swim." There was a time when Leonardo Da Vinci couldn't paint, and Michelangelo couldn't sculpt.

Everyone who loves to draw, and draws well, does so because that person spent countless hours honing his or her craft.

Sketching with a pencil is nowhere near as complicated as people think and it's possible to become a good artist by following a few simple steps.

The Difference between Drawing and Sketching

Drawing involves the use of shading and advanced tactics to make the picture appear to be 3 dimensional. There are no lines in a good drawing, because the artist has blended them into the drawing itself.

Sketching is different, because it doesn't involve the use of heavy shading. In essence, any sketch could become a drawing if a well-trained artist puts forward the effort. The beginner should concentrate on crawling before walking, because the shading and manipulation of light will come with time. The best way to begin sketching is to find a still subject and make your own rendition.

Start With a Photo

Trying to draw a person puts you on that person's schedule, because you can only draw when that individual is willing to sit still. If you'd like to draw a person or a pet, you should consider copying from a photograph.

Copying is different from tracing which is like cheating to a real artist. The photograph has already reduced the 3-dimensional face to a 2-dimensional picture so half of the work is done for you. Fortunately, drawing animals is a bit easier, because their features aren't quite as unique.

Drawing Man's Best Friend

It can be easier to draw a dog with shorter hair, because it's difficult to mimic the texture of long fur. However, every sketch should start off with basic geometric shapes. Look at each part of the dog and try to imagine it as a geometric shape.

For instance, most dogs have a triangular nose and some also have triangular ears. The eyes are obviously round, and the hard edges can be softened later in order to make them closer to the animal's actual dimensions. The corners of the triangular nose can be made more round to resemble something that was created by nature.

Try drawing a straight forward picture where the dog's muzzle is turned towards the viewer. This is probably the best to way to start drawing dogs, before you try to draw an action pose.
Sketching requires a lot of erasing trial and error until you learn to master the pencil.

The most sage advice is to keep practicing, because nothing else will increase your skills as quickly. You can submit even your work earliest to the website here to show people your progress.

These photos must be cropped to display only the subject matter and not the items in the background. You can also register for our free how to draw book, if you'd like professional level assistance.

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