Leonardo da Vinci

by Joelene McFurgusson
(North by Northwest)

Leonardo da Vinci Self Portrait

Leonardo da Vinci Self Portrait

One of my many favorites artists both in drawing and painting. He created really powerful images in line and chalk - but I loved his ingenuity and ideas from prosthetics to flying machines.

At a very young age he was enrolled in the guild of painters, in Florence around about 1472.

There was an age old tradition that Leonardo painted the angel in profile of the unfinished Baptism of Christ which is now attributed to Verrocchio.

Verrocchio felt invalidated by Leonardo's talent and stopped painting and devoted himself to sculpture!

Leonardo's most famous painting was, of course, The Last Supper finished in 1497.Did you know this painting began to deteriorate in Leonardo's lifetime as he refused to use the "fresco techniques" which is applied rapidly on the wall plaster. This allowed him to show the Apostles their individual expressions.

I will write more about this wonderful artists' work.

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