Lesson on Drawing Flowers - and what not to draw

by JC Bellafontain

Flower Drawing

Flower Drawing

Drawing and sketching of flowers are one of the easiest ways to start off your art career.

The most difficult thing to draw is the human figure! There is no question about it. You have to know the basic structure of a human figure. Knowing about bones and muscles are critical to giving a realistic interpretation. Check out da Vinci and Michaelangelo's drawings. These two famous artists actually worked on cadavers to get the real know-how on basic structures.

For the time being forget about drawing the human figure until you can handle simple lines and shading, what mediums you should draw with (pencils, crayons, pen and ink, paint, charcoal, watercolor).

So the best place to start would be drawings of flowers. They are simple to draw, you do not have perspective issues (vanishing points to worry about), flowers are usually circular in shape with petals radiating from a central point (sunflowers, roses, daisies, dandelions - and hundreds more).

It is much easier to show you by drawing than putting it in writing. So go here and watch this 2-minute video clip:


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