Line Art Drawings: There Are No Limits With Line Art Creativity

by Emelia Kleider

Americana Line Art Drawing

Americana Line Art Drawing

Let's define line art drawings first so we are not perplexed in any way.

The LINE establishes different areas of your drawing; line can constitute the form of a figure (like the roundness and volume), it can also give a sense of movement.

With cross-hatching, this can indicate tone or value or the depth of the form. In fact, the pencil line can create any visual effect imaginable.

Most drawings are usually started off with lines but this is sometimes not a good idea. Why? In my opinion (after drawing thousands of sketches) it is best to perceive the volume of the form—so you are seeing "mass" rather than line.

Once you can perceive this consistently, you'll find your drawings become far more accurate.

Online drawings are found more in kid's coloring books than anywhere else, therefore this is not a idea to get kids to be more creative, it kinda stultifies their creative growth. The aim should be to create more awareness, not less.

One of the more popular arts is the free tattoo line art and these drawings are usually angel wings, Gothic images and dark art. This is followed by Anime and Manga which are those delectable Japanese comic-style drawings. They've become the most widely read comic books globally. This of course has sparked a diversity of genres especially in the West.

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