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Lion drawings are great fun and something a bit different when it comes to the still life genre of art. I say still life because I assume you won't be drawing a live lion; that could prove pretty dangerous!

They are fascinating creatures and even more fun to draw than some other wild animals. This is simply because of their complexity and detail.

Bold Lion Drawings

They have so much emotion and character to try and capture in addition to their beautiful exterior appearance. Making them a fantastic subject to draw, there is more to master than simply observing and copying what you see.

Lions have been a subject of fascination for thousands of years in human history. They are often seen as subjects of royal stature and elegance. Whilst at the same time they are ferocious and violent. This is why they are held in such high regardwith human kind, they are a rare type of animal.

The use of lions was big in Roman gladiator fighting; often slaves were sent to die in front of crowds of thousands at the hands of lions. The British Empire made the lion their official symbol after their worldwide crusades. It was found to be a creature whose nature they admired. It was dominant, brave and boisterous which tied in aptly with the ethos of the British empire at that time. The lion still appears in many modern forms in Britain today, such as on sporting team logos and in statue form in major cities.

However lions are not always seen to be the untamed beasts, do you remember the fable of the lion and the thorn?

In this story a slave manages to escape the captivity of his master. In an attempt to not get caught, and put back in captivity, he flees to the desert. He seeks refuge in a cave that turns out to be a lion's den. However the lion does not attack him, he has a large thorn in his paw which has caused it to swell. The slave, out of compassion, removes the thorn and helps the lion. They then live together amicably. The slave is however recaptured and sent into the gladiator pit to be made an example of. The lion they send out is his friend from the cave; he is not killed and is spared by the lion.

So the moral of this story is that they are not purely ruthless killers, but also have depth, emotion and judgement to their character too.

So when you are sketching out your lion drawings how will you see the lion? As a big scaredy cat, or a wild beast? Perhaps the way you sketch the lion will be revealing about your personality, are you a dark horse or a white knight?

That is the thing about drawing, it is a subjective activity and the process can reveal a lot about your thought process. Doing lion drawings is just one example of how the subject can be thought of in two ways. The one you choose might reflect your mindset or current mood. So get sketching and see how you're feeling!

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