Look, I Did Steal a Few Ideas By Curating Oil Paintings!

by J. Mumford
(Mount Jaroo)

Zircon Painting

Zircon Painting

Well, I was a bit short of cash in the last years of 1990 which was the beginning of the end of apartheid in South Africa.

This was when I was in and out of ideas to make a few bucks on the internet. I was painting in oils and acrylics and selling them on eBay. These were not your tiny 9 inches by 12 inches - so change the inches here for feet! I had cornered the big paintings here in the USA BUT it was not quite that easy.

Try freighting art of about 9ft x 12ft. The logistics were scary to try and coordinate such large fragile oil paintings. And some of these went globally--so let me tell you the profit margins after freight were horrific.

Worse, was the lady who took over as CEO and raised the listing costs from about 20USD to 100's USD which dropped me straight into the red ink! So I cut back in size which improved the bottom line.

I have to tell you a dirty secret! And I justify my bad deeds by obtaining eBay's stats and finding ways to mirror the top oil painting sellers and put a slight twist so it did not look much like the ones listed. Horrible eh?

Next stage was painting furiously to get out of the red ink. Well, it did not take more than about 6 months. Shipping rolled up paintings I discovered were much easier and far less hassle than framed art--which some customers insisted on.

Curating art is not a crime as they are, usually, nowhere near the originals. So guys, if you feel guilty about curating, there is always the confessional. Play it cool and you will come out smiling!

Jon Mumford
February 2018

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