Looking For a Career Change in Art or Drawing?

by Jon Arraqas
(San Antonio)

Possible Champion Batter For Movie

Possible Champion Batter For Movie

It is relatively easy to start off your drawing career by cartooning. This can enable you to build confidence if you are going into portrait painting. The "old masters" did not do this; their method usually was to draw about 50 - 70 rough drawings first--then pick one to make a finished drawing from,

Check out Leonardo da Vinci and other masters like Rembrandt and Durer. All you need to do is to copy these three artists' drawings until your copy looks exactly like the original. Put them in your portfolio and you will get a job anywhere--because these artists were brilliant in their own styles!

Animation is a good niche to get involved with if you like animation. It pays well if you are creative designing and drawing your own set of cartoon characters like Toy Story2 and Shrek was very well done. Put your thinking cap on for a good name as the hero, then a name for the anti-hero and then also several subordinate characters.

Throw the idea of getting a good name (unlike anything else) with your family and friends...bounce them around in your head but do not copy anything, make it your own. Once you have a good name start visualizing your main character. Is he a nerd that works for a big search engine; could he be a soft spoken guy who is as shy as they come? What about someone brash who pushes people around? Maybe like a horrible boss like Donal Trump who fires people because it gives him pleasure?

There WILL BE other great cartoon characters to reach our cinema screens, movies like "The Lion King" "the Incredibles" and "Beauty and the Beast" and there are many, many more great movies like this. You know what? It all starts with your pencil. Start doodling first then get a bit serious!

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