Lord Ganapathi Pencil Drawings

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Lord Ganapathi Drawings

Lord Ganapathi Drawings

Lord Ganapathi and Lord Vinayaka Drawings (from Wikipedia.org)

It all started in the year 2002 when Mr.& Mrs. Jampala Madhusudhan Rao and family resided at Kalyani Nagar, Hyderabad.

A new multi-storeyed building was under construction right in front of the house where they resided. As a result, there were heaps of sand, brought from the Manjira River, deposited in front of the house.

Their eleven-year-old child Abhinai Jampala used to play in those heaps along with his friends. One fine day, he found a big green stone (called Marakatha), about the size of muskmelon, amidst those heaps of sand. The moment he saw it, found a remarkable resemblance between the shape of the stone and that of the shape of Lord Vinayaka.

Despite the fun his friends made of him for treating that stone as Lord Vinayaka, Abhinai chose to listen to his conscience and ignore his friends. He took this idol home and proudly handed it over to his mom, Mrs. Jampala Kanthi, saying that he has found Lord Ganesha. Amused by her little boy's observation, she decided to keep the idol in the showcase.

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