Lotus Flower Drawing

by Randy Westerhuizen
(South Beach, Natal)

Lotus Flower Drawing

Lotus Flower Drawing

We all know what a lotus flower drawing is, right? It is also known as the Indian Lotus which is an aquatic plant (meaning it thrives in water).

Ever thought about drawing these simple flowers? See the petal shapes which you should be able to master in your first or second lotus drawing. Copy the image here then try it freehand - that's the best way to start.

As you may know, it is the national flower of India and Vietnam. This is known as a tropical plant in Queensland, Australia and the subtropics of Asia.

Draw the center petal first then the petals on the side. You should be able to copy this with ease. Forget about the square frame around the flower - do that later, then load it up on this site.

Randy Westerhuizen
May, 2017

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