by Sheena Kukreja
(Delhi, India)

Fantasy Mermaid

Fantasy Mermaid

Fantasy Mermaid
Loveable Couple

No comments... I'm passionate about sketches but don't know which platform should I choose or from where should start? help me :)

Hello, Jon here from this website. Please explain what you mean by "platform?"

You start by getting a sketchpad preferably a quality one and a few pencils. Sketch anything you see in front of you, objects or people or nature. Anything. Do this daily or when you have the time.

I'm here to help anyone who loves drawing and sketching. See some of my pages here on learning how to draw. You can write to me anytime and I will respond within 48 hours.

Good luck with your drawings.

PS: Put more light on your drawings when you take a picture of them.

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