Essential Manga Drawings

How To Create Simple Manga Drawings For Beginners

Manga Drawings and comics are one of the most widely read styles in the world today.

These were created by the Japanese some time ago and because of its long history, all people, young and old in Japan now read it.

There are many forms of Manga and as many offshoots from Anime, Pikachu, Naruto, Chibi, Hentai, Yoshi and many others too numerous to count!

You will have noticed that the main features of manga drawings are the eyes and of course eyes are so expressive in manga, hentai, anime and other comic genres, that it is worthwhile getting them exactly right. As the eyes are the number one manga feature we’ll start off by mastering these basic manga characteristics. Then we’ll connect with the basic anatomy which is not the easiest part to get right, followed by manga’s basic dress these heroines and heroes wear. So welcome to the world of manga and legends!

The Eyes
Notice in the eye drawing below, the proportion and size of the eyes in relationship to the size of the head. Manga eyes are VERY LARGE - they are much larger than the average human eyes and spaced much further apart. A strong manga characteristic here is the highlight in the top left or right side of the eye. The lashes are usually very dark or black and also the lower lid. The eyebrows can be straight or sloping, arched, scanty or thin depending on the mood and expression of your drawing. Lids may also be thick or thin but the upper lid is always thicker. See drawing below.

Drawing Manga Faces
As you can now draw manga eyes well, let’s start on the face which is pretty simple and easy to do. The shape is very much like a heart with a pointed chin. The nose is only a wedge-shaped line and the mouth can be a curved line. Keep it as simple as this illustration below which is important with most manga drawings. When drawing the basic face, remember the eyes come exactly halfway up the face. Get this right and your drawing will look correct. The hairline is drawn slightly above the eyebrows (for females) and flocks of hair can be extended fractionally over the eyes. Follow along with these facial drawings and video below.

The Manga Body
The Manga or Anime body is one of the most difficult parts to draw—unless you have been to a life drawing class. To make it look right, there are so many interlocking shapes, subtle contours and a skeletal frame to hold it all together. To make matters even more difficult you have to consider perspective— which is the foreshortening of the arm, legs, torso and even the head. For the very basics on perspective, go here.

In the sketch here, I’ve broken down the basic forms of the human figure into these cylindrical shapes, this gives you the feeling of volume or mass like 3 dimensional forms. This is also useful in getting your perspective correct (foreshortening.) More to come on drawing the Manga body.

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