Manipuri Girl in Traditional Dress

by Oinam James Singh

Meitei Girl in Traditional Dress

Meitei Girl in Traditional Dress

Hi there, I am originally from Manipur. There are many folktales and gods and goddesses of Manipur that are faceless.

I want to give these gods and stories some face. But perhaps drawing a god or legendary scene, de novo, isn't easy!

I have worked on one or two, but they are not quite satisfactory yet.

Drawing is a hobby I developed recently. I work mostly with colour pencils. I have done some colour pencil portraits of some celebrities--mostly singers and actresses (Eva Braun, Liv Tyler, Meav (singer, Celtic Woman), Enya (singer)). I daresay some of them are good. But converting them into image format is still a challenge as they are too faint to be scanned.

Only line drawings or dark shade drawings (if I amy call it) can be scanned and developed by using Windows Paint.

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