Measuring for Success in Your Drawings

by Jollyon Hooley

Do You Want to get your proportions correct in your drawings?

First thing is to get your back straight against the chair and your feet flat on the floor so there is little movement to and from the object you are drawing.

Extend your arm straight out so it is almost the same distant -- if you want an accurate drawing. When reaching out to maximum length of your arm, keep your back firmly against the back of the chair.

Hold you pencil vertically at your eye level with the lead up at the top. Now close one eye otherwise you will have 2 objects to draw and that can be a little confusing.

Place the point of your subject you are drawing and slide your thumb down until you reach the bottom…so you will measure between the top of your pencil to where your thumb is resting—that’s the height of the thing you are drawing.

You put 2 small marks on your paper to measure the height. Now do exactly the same thing except measure the width the same way.

Sometimes you have to increase or decrease the size of your drawing—just move your chair forward or backward.

Now observe all the major points in your subject and mark accordingly on your paper.

This is the way to get a fairly exact measurement and therefore a more realistic drawing.

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