Meeting a Friend

by Michelle

Meeting a Friend

Meeting a Friend

This drawing is about me going to Russia to visit a friend named Rose.

Because Rose said he was cute, Bendy ignored the word "CUTE" and replaced it with making fun of him.

Enraged by anger. He nearly HARMED Rose in UNRESPECTFUL manner. When I returned home I saw that rose was hurt and didn't know that monster was Bendy. I nearly found a Hospital as Bendy has the next REVENGE for us.

The next day we were prepared for the cheerleaders day but we were given a sign that Bendy shows off stage. He said that if we cheer for him we could escape. We were TRAPPED!

OUT OF THE BLUE, Bendy caught me just in time that I didn't cheer for him! He nearly messed up and turned me into a monster.

Rose decided to go on a mission to save my life. She crept up to Bendy's MANSION and took the book. She was agile and avoided the lights to prevent intruders.

Those were traps by Bendy! She pressed the button but out came was not me. She found out there was a piece missing. She believes that the diamond has the only way to save me!

A week later, she managed to save me. "Now we just need to get Bendy back," said Rose.

After helping Bendy get back to normal, it was time to go. Rose gave me a card to let me remember her. We had a "FRIEND'S HUG" as Bendy and I went on the Airplane. As the Airplane begins to rise, Bendy and I waved at Rose for the last goodbye.
Thank you.

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