Memes and All That Stuff

by Jerry Sogester

I have recently read on this site about "meme faces" and how crude they are. I do agree that practically all of them are sub grade material and childish.

If you refute this statement please respond.

No matter how crude they may seem from a professional viewpoint, they do have some merit in that they give an emotional "kick" to some as in "Wow!" I hate that, it's so crude!" or "That's quite funny!" Plus other emotional outpouring.

It is often said that "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" and there is some truth in that even though it has a subjective viewpoint.

One can relate to drawings which are connected to many variables like one's education or lack of, if you've been exposed to the arts, if you have a passion for the arts or not.

Doodling or scribbling in not an art form even though folk are trying to make it so. Grafitti used to be viewed as a sort of low quality art although it is now classified as an art form by professional grafitti artists.

So maybe, just maybe, you'll be able to get a degree or diploma in "Meme Art?"

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Apr 01, 2013
Agree with Jerry
by: Garth Perry

Hey Jerry, I kinda agree with your views on memes that they are, most of them, quite crude as you say.

There are very few good ones on Google images and honestly, I'd be embassed to put my name to most of them! Still, as you say, everyone to their own taste!

Good luck with your site.

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