Memes and How I Draw Them

by Visarah

My Drawing of Boyhood Meme

My Drawing of Boyhood Meme

My Drawing of Boyhood Meme
Scary Meme As if in Nightmare
Boy With Twisted Nose
Just a Silly Drawing That Looks Yukkie

There are various definitions of "memes" but my definition for these are, as a beginner, just rough cartoons without any consideration about how good or bad it looks.

I guess as a beginner you can draw in a random fashion without much thought of style or perspective. In other words they are as if a Standard five drew them with a blindfold on. Of course they are crude and completely unfinished but that is the style like graffiti. You don't give a damn about how it looks!

I don't expect anyone to like or admire these but as I progress with my drawings, they will eventually look very good. Thanks for reading.

March 2014

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