Memes Faces Gone Wild

by Mathew Clements

I'd like to make some comments about the new faze of memes cartoons or faces usually of some well-known personality. These "memes" are quite crude outline renditions usually done in pencil or pen and ink.

Anyone with no art background or any drawing skills can create these memes and get thousands of hits due to their vulgarity and crudeness.

There is one on YouTube now which has over 22 million hits! Why has it gone viral? What's going on here?

I notice there was a short bloglet on this site about it - and I did go to Google Images and put "meme" in the search box as suggested and was blown away by these childish drawings. Why would something like this go viral?

Would this be lowering our standards where anything goes no matter how "bad" it is?

There are some great contributing artists on this site and I validate them highly. At the same time I ask them not to get hooked on memes or any offshoots of this low form of art!

Expertize and skill always wins over boorish drawings and hopefully these meme fads will die pretty soon!

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Jan 06, 2014
Meme Faces & Cartoons
by: Anonymous

I think Memes whether drawing, writing or poetry have a place in the art world.

The cartoon memes I've seen are really crude drawings, they are so crude and poorly drawn that I have to chuckle.

Hover, I've seen some quite clever meme faces, especially those that have a jab at Obama and other high profile people. I'd like to see more on this site!

Jan 13, 2013
by: Anonymous

I agree with this contributor. I would think that such material would be screened out before publication. Vulgar drawings are not appreciated, and have no place here.

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