Meryll Streep Cartoon

by Paula Anne

Meryll Streep Cartoon

Meryll Streep Cartoon

See if you can draw some funny cartoon of famous celebs. They can be Hollywood stars, politician, TV hosts or anyone well-known.

Get some good images of a personality you like and draw some sketches noting the major characteristics—like Jay Leno's massive jaw. Hey, maybe you could do a sketch of Leno? He should be pretty easy to get a likeness.

We can all be sketched to be made to look ridiculous. Check some of the magazines or go online and pick some celeb on Google images.

You probably have to draw many sketches until you feel it is just right. If you can be good at cartooning and make a lucky persona look funny in a silly situation, there's a job waiting for you. Just one stipulation; you have to have a portfolio but if you have been sketching a while it should not be too difficult.
Paula Anne
Contributing Artist for Drawing Pencil Sketches

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