Minimalist Art and Drawings: My Opinion

by Klaus Miere

There is not a lot I read about minimalist art and drawing, perhaps this genre is now dead? I think it serves its purpose to show creativity in the simplest forms.

Some of the sculpture I’ve seen had a great impact on me by its sheer size like Ronald Bladen's massive "X" made of wood and his "Black Triangle" created in metal. But it is not original!

However, some of the minimal art is, in my opinion, just nonsense with so-called artists trying to make a name for themselves (no names mentioned) by showing a plank about 15 ft long painted red, a concrete block which must have weighed in excess of 10 tons and plenty of similar garbage.

Dean Fleming did some massive paintings which were about 100 inches long but I did not see any originality in them. Ellsworth Kelly is another artist painting enormous size canvases—there's one called "Green/White" which consists of a huge L-shape, nothing else which I think is rather boring.

How about a metal frame about 5 ft high with pieces of wire netting placed randomly with a criss-cross here and there? Nah! It's not minimalist art, it is just a hodge-podge looking fence that has gone awry. This is one by Anthony Caro. Sorry Anthony, but you have to do better than that.

Then you'll see these massive urinals, yeah, urinals! a la-Judy Chicago style, tampons and all. Sorry, but this is not art, not even minimal art. It is just bad taste.

Okay, you minimalists, get creative with something that can be classified as art. Think "Does it actually say something original?" If not, throw it in the dumpster!

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