Mistakes That Artists Make In Their Marketing

by Jollyon Hooley
(Nebraska Hills)

Make a Deal For Artists

Make a Deal For Artists

Are you one of those artists who have no clue of what they are going to paint?

They have “A writers’ block or, in this case, an oil painters block, and they have no idea so there is a mental struggle to come up with something vibrant and creative?

No matter what talent you have in your artwork, you must have some idea--or goals to use that talent if you are going to paint?

If you don’t have website presence to show your work you can list your work on www.Etsy.com or www.Pinterest.com or other “Art For Sale” websites.

If you are not targeting your correct market, you won’t sell much, will you? You won’t sell your oil paintings to toddlers or teenagers, will you?

Who is most likely to do business with you?

Will it be a local gallery or would it be a person who listed your work on Pinterest?

You have an inquiry in from Etsy via email, do you follow up and respond to the inquiry?

If you are following up with an email or phone call with prospects makes good business sense.

A priority should be to build a list to enable your marketing to reach to the right source—-in other words, sell again to a previous buyer.

There is a simple, easy to understand booklet from Pinterest to show you in simple steps on how to sell your work.

If you have had success selling your art, please drop a line and share with other artists here.

I am going to write a full article on “How to Market Your Art” so stay tuned.

Jollyon Hooley
Nebraska Hills

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