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Powerful Muscle Cars and Sports CarsPowerful Muscle Cars and Sports Cars

Powerful Muscle Cars

Power meant everything in the 60's with fancy fins belonging more to Wolverine than cars, hood air scoops poking its nose out of the hood like the front of a jet engine, a throaty roar from the enormous V8 engine, sometimes external twin exhausts giving it a masculine feel and fat cat tires for the best traction of speeds from 0 – 60 in 7 seconds. 

This gave rise to the "muscle car" of the 60's and beyond with a new era in performance cars. In the mid 60's the Chevy Corvette had arrived and the ever popular Mustang with fancy paint schemes which oozed raw power. My really old Pontiac Can Am came with rusty fenders, only half a radiator grill and seats that were torn...it took some years to get it restored but well worth it as it look fabulous when the final transfer was added! Nope, it's not for sale, I sold it because I got married and we needed the bucks!

So how do we go about drawing a muscle car? It will be fairly easy for you if you follow these simple guidelines. If you have a little experience in drawing you will find this a breeze to follow.

All the muscle cars of the 60's and 70's from AMC, Chevy, Dodge, Ford, Mercury, Plymouth, Pontiac, Shelby and a few more, are very much all alike in their basic shapes. You can chose your favorite—one you have a passion for which could be the Can Am, the Charger, Camaro 228 or the fabulous Corvette.

If you are a beginner, the first step is to get a few pencils, (a few HB's and 2B's) sharpen them up a little and draw these basic muscle car shapes until you have a good feel about your drawing and developed a little confidence.

Step One
This first shape is very near a rectangular shape with semi-rounded ends which is based on the Trans Am Pontiac—most of the other Muscle cars are almost the same. These steps are very basic so get the "feel" of the form first then put in all the details later.

Step Two
Draw in roughly the position of the wheels as shown in this illustration #2. The center part of the wheels is exactly in line with the bottom line. Also draw in the wheel arches which are not perfectly round like the wheels.

Step Three
Now we begin to shape the body. Notice on the Trans Am the top line and bottom line do have shape to them. Notice the curve from the front of the car to the driver’s door—from the door, the slope goes slightly upwards then down towards the back. And the bottom line goes up at the front towards the fender and the same for the back.

Step Four
Next draw the windshield sloping as in the illustration, draw the front and rear fenders as shown and the small lip on the rear of these Trans Am muscle cars. This model was nearly always white with blue stripes across the hood. Add the final details like the handle, the fenders, tires and wheel trim and you're done.

This is the easiest way to start off with muscle cars showing the side view only.   This is where you can use your own imagination and draw in all the shapes of the current muscle cars! The above image is just the basic shape from which you can create the styling to your imagination. More Muscle Car Drawings on the way soon.

We can draw the next muscle car showing three-quarter view but it is slightly more difficult as you have to know a little about perspective. If you have any questions about muscle car drawings please write to me on the contact form, I will always respond within 48 hours.

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