My Dog Sketches

by Jeff Cassell

Kiva Dog Image

Kiva Dog Image

This is essentially for dog sketchers and/or people who love dogs. Dog sketches and the large variety of breeds are a curious lot with us humans. These scallywag breeds somehow think they are human and take on the personality of their owners.

I have a smallish dog Kiva who loves to talk to me first thing in the morning when I'm half asleep—it is an irritating humming noise she makes at the back of her throat "Get my grub and let's go for a walk!" Yeah, she's demanding. She refuses to budge from her "hackle-type" stance until I've added giblets which she loves mixed in with her pellets.

Than it is off to the hills for a walk, there are no cars here as it is off the beaten track. This is what she loves because here she'll find deer poop she can roll in, peeing on every dog pee she can find (I didn't know she can carry in excess of a gallon of pee in her bladder) and nearing home she'll bump into the nearby neighbors ranch a do a little butt-sniffing. I have tried to teach her a few social graces but it is impossible. Any ideas?

I have done many dog sketches of her since she arrived 6 years ago which I'll share with you when I have time to put them up.

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Oct 31, 2013
Drawing Dogs
by: Larry Hatchet

Nice doggie sketch although I believe it is a photo-image with a slight adjustment with Photoshop using a fluid pixel tool. Right?

Dogs don't usually have such broad shoulders except perhaps the ugly bulldogs.

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