My Dragon Art Story

"I fought to stay alive even
with the odds against me"

My Happy drawings for my Dragon StoryMy Happy drawings for my Dragon Story

Looking back in retrospect, I had a rough beginning; little wonder that I’m so fierce and determined to conquer. I was only a baby dragon when my mother abandoned me by the seashore to die.

As a baby dragon, I was very sick, and everyone was sure death was inevitable, so I was left to die alone and in severe pains. I recall pleading with my Mom not to give up on me, but she had better ideas on how to spend her time than stick around nursing a sick baby. My family called me Golden, and I bear the name to this day.

My Dragon Friend who is not colorful todayMy Dragon Friend who is not colorful today

It’s quite amazing how I managed to survive in the cold for days; no food, no companion to talk to, and the nights were scary. I longed for my friends, and for the warmth emitting from bonfires we set up in the night camps. As I struggled along the bank of the sea I caught a reflection of my body in the water, and I watched in fascination at my spectacular frame. With nothing to do I started to sketch my image on the sand in front of me- Dragon Art you may call it. I was at the end of my tether when I heard a noise; but because living by the seaside come with different sounds, I erroneously though it was the waves cascading down the water. That was all I could remember before I slipped into oblivion.

When I came to, reality dawned on me as I realized that I was on a ship. I could distinctively hear arguments from humanoids whirling around my head and the center of their debate revolving around my presence in the ship. I was rescued from death by humanoids! My instincts were repellent at the very thought so I was alert for any danger signs because I naturally find humans disgusting. Moreover, I learned not to trust anyone. I never understood humanoids- to me they were simply a bunch of cowards!

A teenage girl walked up to where I lay, she quickly turned towards the people arguing about my cause and exclaimed with delight “He’s awake! He’s awake! I was immediately surrounded by the entire crew on the ship. Several faces bore down staring at me, some with interest, others in anger, and a few with pleasure.  Then the girl I saw earlier stepped forward and stooped down; she held my hand and spoke ‘My name is Sonia, and I’ve been tending to you for a week now. We all thought you were going to die. It’s a good thing you pulled through. I was amazed at the level of care, and I started to cry.

The little crowd right in front of me became confused. “Why is he crying?” I heard someone ask, but Sonia told them all to stay away as she could handle the situation. Her father came over at that moment and dragged her away with a stern warning. “Don’t you know he’s a dragon. He’s dangerous!” He thundered furiously. I soon found out that Sonia’s father was a sailor, very rich and a brave man of many capabilities. I daresay his daughter got her bravery traits from him.

Sonia came to me later on and apologized for her father’s behavior. She had a gift for me as well: a striking Dragon Art image. We saw the Dragon drawing on the sand where you sprawled by the bank of the sea. “Can we be friends?’” She asked. Certainly! I responded. May I know your name? She asked. And I told her “My name is Golden.” We shook hands, and our eyes met. At that point, I knew I wasn’t alone anymore. Sonia gave me the Dragon Art painting with her. I got to know there was an Artist on board on the ship, and she had the dragon drawing made for me. The ship got to the final port eventually, and Sonia insisted I come with her. We had developed a bond during our time at the ship, and she couldn’t bear the thought of losing me.

It took a while for her father to come around, but he eventually bought the idea, and I was whisked away to their mansion by the countryside. The years went by, and I watched as Sonia transformed into a beautiful woman, while I grew to become the indomitable dragon: far away from my roots and family. But I hardly think of them now, as I’ve found a home with another family. I had a prime position for the Dragon Art painting which was a constant reminder of who I am. Dominant, Powerful, Bold, and Vain; these attributes define my very essence.

Sonia’s father also has other animals as pets; they had dogs, cats, pigeons, two horses, and sheep. The sheep were kept as livestock for me anytime I’m hungry and reluctant to hunt for food on my own. I hate being caged, so I have a cave in the garden to myself. I love to dig into the ground and crouch there for a while outside in the courtyard while I bask in the sun. I’m extremely protective of my space, and I have zero tolerance for other animals wandering into my territory. When I see them around me, I breathe fire, and they quickly disperse. Over time, the animals learned to stay off my zone. I am also aggressive to other humanoids apart from Sonia and her family; I am suspicious of any movement I see.

Sometimes, I spread my wings, and I fly into the distance. I often graze in the forest and feast on my prey. I discovered my unique abilities- like breathing fire from my mouth and also using my wings as a form of defense works well to my advantage. Animals and humanoid flew away in fright at the very sight of me. Once in a while I do see Dragon Art images quite similar to mine whenever I explore other territories away from home. I wonder if the images had anything to do with me, my lost family or they were simply random Dragon drawings by zealous humanoids. Anytime I go on a flight I always return with treasures of gold and diamonds. I love gold treasures as it aligns with my glistening body. I reckon it greatly influenced the name given to me.

Sonia got married and moved out of the mansion. She tried to convince me to go along with her. For days I thought about the idea. I had a difficult decision to make, and my future depended on it. Much as I loved Sonia and practically saw her every day for many years while growing up, I knew it was time to say goodbye. “I’ll miss you Golden” She whispered. Her parting gift was a beautiful and gigantic Dragon Art image. This drawing is very much different from the painting I received years back on the ship. My reflecting on the painting had strength and depth of character, and of course I am an adult dragon now.

I was sorry to see her leave, but I remained in the mansion as it’s my root now. I felt lost once more because it tore my heart as I realized it would be impossible to see her as often as I want. Nevertheless, I knew staying back was one of the best decisions I’ve ever taken. With Sonia gone, I don’t feel obligated to stay in the mansion anymore. Though I formed bonds with her father and the rest of the family, it was nothing in comparison to what I felt with Sonia. We had a connection; more like a mother and child affinity. She took care of me as a baby when my biological mother left me to my fate.

So here I am, alone again but not depressed. I am grateful for the love I received, and I’m eternally indebted to Sonia and her family. So even if I leave in the future, it wouldn't be definite as I'll come around regularly and I’ve always got their back.

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