My Drawings of Flowers

by Sabrina
(Las Vegas)

Drawings of Flowers

Drawings of Flowers

Flower drawings are amazing in their subtle beauty, color and fragrance.

Something so small and unnoticed by many can suddenly transport me to another delightful world.

I am immediately am drawn to nature and more specifically to a field of flowers as the wind makes them sway gently back and forth with a soft gossamer of fragrant

I can feel the warm sun on my face and feel the warmth inside me.
It could be any flower drawing really -- a simple drawing by a child, an adult taking on the brave new world of drawing, or perhaps a seasoned artist.

Flower drawings have the capacity to make me happy and alive in unusual ways. I cannot say that about many things in this world today!

The first flower drawing I encountered came to me at the age of five. My mother had brought home a package, one that I was sure it was for me.

To my surprise, it was a bright table cloth with red and yellow flowers drawn on it. Suddenly our dining room table was transported to my magical playground.

I began to play and spend a lot of time underneath that table as it became my whole world. I would lay underneath and gather all my toys with me and pretend I was deep in a forest playing with Alice in Wonderland.

My flowers on the tablecloth would glisten in the sunlight and would come through our dining room window. Each red and yellow petal would feel like my own little shield of protection. I felt very safe under my table--I became alive and happy. This table was my home and the lovely flowers made it so.

To this day, each time I see a flower drawing, I am reminded of a simple, happy time in my life as a child. I get transported back there and each time I am reminded that not all things in life have to be complicated.

Flower drawings come to life each time I see them and I can almost smell their fragrance. I've drawn many flower drawings of my own and no matter how horrible they may turn out, they never cease to put a smile on my face.

As you are reading this, go out, find your flower drawing, and let it embrace your heart.

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May 10, 2017
Very Well Done Sabrina
by: Trevor McPherson JR

I give you 5 stars for the article BUT I do not like your floral drawing - or is it an etching?

Please consider writing more about drawing and especially oil painting. There are many requests on this site for acrylic painting. So write some "how-to" articles.

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