My Exposure To Drawings:
Man With Bowler

by Thomas Lafayette

Man With Bowler

Man With Bowler

Much of the art I have been exposed to is painting and sculpture. For some reason, I have not delved too deeply into drawings.

I think it is because I felt they were unfinished, that you couldn't convey as much with pencil and paper as you could with a menagerie of colors or physical shapes.

However, I have come to realize it is precisely due to the simplicity of drawings that can show an artist for their true talent. When you have less to work with, you must be more creative.

One of my favorite drawings is Vincent Van Gogh's Man with Bowler. It depicts quite simply a man with a bowler hat, staring directly ahead. Much of the drawing is dark, over half it, which gives it an ominous tone.

You cannot see the man's eyes, only what appears to be shadows. His facial hair is styled as to be menacing as well. He is wearing some type of overcoat, opened enough to see a vague shape of something underneath.

It is a haunting, dark drawing that makes my mind wonder at the origins of this man. Who is he, where did Van Gogh meet him? Did he have the same sort of presence in real life as he has in this drawing? Why does he appear to be harboring dark secrets? It is a drawing that speaks to me.

Another drawing that I enjoy is Leonardo Da Vinci's Study of Cats and Other Animals. Most of the sketches are rodents or cats, in various sizes and poses.

However, toward the bottom right of the drawing is what appears to be a baby dragon. It always makes me smile, as I imagine this drawing to not be a study, but an actual scene that was sketched from real life experience. As all of these cats and rodents are in this space, suddenly a baby dragon shows up.

The moment captured in the drawing is one before the rest of the animals understood who this newcomer really is. Whether chilling me with a haunting man, or delighting me with fantastical animals, drawings are indeed a valid, important form of artistic expression.

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