My Favorite Old Masters: Rubens

by Jollyon Hooley

I’d like to share some of the classic world of art by the Dutch and Flemish painters. Some of them are my favourite.

Peter Paul Rubens who was quite the diplomat as well as a Baroque artist of fame. Rubens birth was kept secret by his mother and even from Rubens himself to cover up his father’s infidelities.

His mother was quick to notice Rubens drawing skills arranged for him to be tutored by Tobias Verhaecht who was a landscape painter. Much later, Rubens started painting under Jordaens for about 4 years – I think there must have been a few disagreements as he joined up with Otto can Veen who was a very accomplished artist with the connection with the top aristocracy. Perhaps Rubens wanted to get connected which did help him enormously.

Rubens was admitted to the Antwerp Painters Guild in 1598. Soon after, this is where young Rubens met his future patron Vincenzo Gonzaga, the Duke of Mantua. Rubens went to Italy in 1601 to see the wonderful works of Titian and Tintoretto.

There is much to write about Rubens and how he developed as an artist especially when he became the court painter for the Duke of Mantua. The Dukes menagerie contained creatures like tigers, crocs and other exotic animals which you can see in some of his hunting scenes!

I have not loaded any of Rubens art due to speed load time, please Google Rubens' Images where you'll discover 100's

Jollyon Hooley
August 27th 2016

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