My Favorites

by Selina Mervich
(West Buckingham)

Starry Night Van Gogh

Starry Night Van Gogh

Out of all the paintings and drawings that I have seen in my lifetime, a few stick in my mind that I can honestly say have been my favorite.

The painting that I like the best is an oil painting done on canvas called Carnival Evening. The painting is located in the Philadelphia Museum of Art in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Henri Rousseau is the painter of this beautiful painting. It was painted in 1886. I like this painting because it is so detailed and it looks rather bewitching.

Depicted are two people dressed up in costumes against a background of dense trees. Above, the moon can be seen shining. The painting has been my favorite since I seen it when touring the museum a few years ago, and I even purchased a copy, which I framed to hang on my wall.

My other favorite painting is Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. The painting shows a very swirly sky, which gives the impression that it might have been storming. The painting is a fairly dark one, with just a little bit of yellow, which is supposed to be the stars.

I really like how eerie looking this painting is, as well as the dark colors used. My favorite thing about this painting is that it is supposed to be the view Van Gogh saw out the window of his room in the sanitarium.

This painting is on display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, and is one of the most famous in the world.

Finally, I have always really liked the Mona Lisa. It is a painting done by Leonardo da Vinci on display at the Louvre Museum in France. The painting has always been one that I have liked.

Mona Lisa looks so at peace, but she also looks like she is smirking in a way. Many rumors have gone around about this painting being a portrait da Vinci painted of himself.

In retrospect, Carnival Evening, Starry Night and the Mona Lisa have and will always be some of my favorite paintings in the world. There are a great deal of works of art out there, but these three will forever stick in my mind.

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