My Ideas About
Sketching Zombies

by Neo Delmonte
(Cape Point)

Zombie Cartoon

Zombie Cartoon

As dictionary explains, zombie is a person who is believed to have died and been brought back to life without speech or free will.

How do you sketch a speechless and will-less horrific creature? What picture comes to mind after you hear your buddy saying zzzzzzzzzooooooommmmbbbbeeeee?

Imagine this undead beasts apocalyptic scene; your city is surrounded by infected walking bodies. In order to eliminate these powerful enemies, you have to retreat to your house...You need to invite friends to join and build up your own army to fight against these evil creatures.

As you progress with your battle, you can hire more friends as your soldiers. At the same time, you must collect various ingredients to develop more effective weapons. In order to eliminate scary-bees which are wandering in your city, you must decorate your yard to attract them and kill them before they leave. Do you have more ideas for pencil sketching a zombie-calyptic scene now?

Or picture this scary monsters party scenario. You are at a theme park and its summer. It is crowded. It is hot. Did we mention it was crowded? You are in line with your family and/or friends and it looks to be about a 15 to 20 minute wait to get up to the front of the line,
which is also wrapped well around behind you.

Leaving you in the middle with nothing to do but people watch, you hear what you think are screams in the distance. Most are unaware as they write this off to be associated with the theme park. However, your senses are tuned in differently.

You pause, and while you hear those around you talking you are focused more on the noises around you. The screams begin to get louder and louder. All of a sudden, several of the undead break into a portion of the line, about 30 feet from you, biting and kissing any and all they can get their hands on. Panic ensues and the screams are now all around as the deadly red liquid splatters everywhere.

Is your imagination creating great picture shots for great pencil sketches?

Lets read jokes because I think you have some ideas for your first Zombiotic drawings.

What is an undead biters favorite meal?
A MANwich!

What time do scary-bees wake up? At ATE o'clock!

What is his favorite mode of transportation? SCAREplanes!

How are zombies like computers? They use megaBITES!

What kind of streets do the infected like best?
DEAD end!

How do walking dead keep their hair in place? With SCARE spray!

Contribution by Neo Delmonte
June 2013

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