My Passionate Landscape Drawings

by Greta Howard
(Virgin Islands)

My Landscape Drawings

My Landscape Drawings

This landscape drawing is done in the studio, not in the bleak view in front of the mountain and hills.

And it has been created from memory in charcoal, pencil, ink and water. I prefer it this way then I don't get hung up on color. Getting color just right becames a major headache for me because I have to balance up values with color.

Although I've studied (not very hard I have to admit) the science behind color because I always feel color is the major attraction to any painting. If you have the right colors and the image is what the viewer wants -- you have a sale.

Isn't that why most of us paint? To make a few extra bucks? I've noticed that whatever you have, you always want more of it - and it is only bucks that pay the bills. They won't swap your paintings for rent, right?

But landscapes in painting and drawing is my passion. I've heard many times "Do what you love, and the money will follow!" Any truth in that do you think? Well, I haven't sold many paintings probably because I have not marketed my art seriously.

I've even tired some of the top websites like Etsy, eBay, America Fine Art and other site. The only problem is that buyers expect to pay as little as possible. If I consider my Landscapes to be worth $250, the prospective buyer wants it for $25. Now that's crazy and I refuse to give away my paintings!

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