Nature Drawings and Sketches

by Mark Randell

Landscape with Tree

Landscape with Tree

Don't we all just love nature drawings? These can be from plant life, animals or insects but what about people—don't they fit into nature somewhere?

My favorites are landscape drawings with lots of trees with hills undulating on the horizon. Even nature drawings of misty landscapes where you can barely see tree images peeping through.

Where I live up in the mountains I often see these almost surreal landscapes when the clouds descend. Sometimes you can't see more than five paces ahead. These make for great landscape drawings.

In the winter season when the sun only skims across the horizon, when the snow is several feet thick, the scene becomes magic. The sun dances off the pines and reflects a brilliant light, clean and pure.

Ideal for any artist to capture these moments—if s/he can withstand the sub zero temperatures.

There is always an abundance of things to draw in nature, even the smallest of creatures or plants can spark the imagination.

Would anyone like to come sketching or drawing with me here? It is only about 10,000 feet. Mother Nature will welcome you!

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Aug 22, 2012
Nature Drawing
by: Norma

I do agree with you also, nature is lovely to draw, I too live near the mountains and there is such beauty out there to draw.

Oct 17, 2011
I agree with you
by: Jack Volks

Yes, I do agree with your comments as I live in the mountain ranges also.

I also love nature drawings but prefer painting the raw mountains from smooth terrains to rugged rocks. To capture these moments keeps me at one with nature.

I actually draw with paint and brushes—sort of plein air painting which becomes fast and furious in a very loose style, something a bit like Cezanne's landscapes.

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