Nature’s an Inspiration for Artists

by Rosemary Del Monte
(West Oregon)

Often, nature inspires artists to sketch and draw. Who wouldn't be fascinated at the beauty of nature, right?

I'm pretty sure that you or even those who are not professional artist, finds nature as an interesting subject that has a lot of wonders and pleasures to offer in our eyes. No wonder a lot of artists are fond of nature sketches. I guess sometimes we need to have some break from what we usually do and notice in an urban world and pause for a while and observe the nature and appreciate it.

Stop and look around! The trees with leaves blown by the breeze of the wind, the pretty flowers that just sprout at the streets, the fallen leaves during autumn season, the blue skies, all the simple yet amazingly created nature of God are worth spending some time for the artists to put these art of nature to their own art with just a piece of paper and a pencil to draw. The wonders of nature influence the artists and enthusiasts to create art out of this outstanding art of God. Having nature as an amazing subject of interest, nature sketches has been one of the most well-appreciated works of art since sketching, painting or drawing ever started.

To artists out there, have you ever gone to some particular beautiful scenery at your place? Have you realized the more you look and stare at those delightful things, you discover some more interesting subject out of it. And having a growing interest gives the sense of wanting to sketch some more until sketching paves way to exploring and understanding nature in a deeper sense.

I come to realize that nature sketching is a package deal activity and fulfilment for an artist, don’t you think so? You do your passion, you bond with nature, you have some fun, you discover life, and you live your art-filled life. To think of it, it's not just a typical sketch, draw, color and paint thingy but there grows this character in you that you even more appreciate life and nature and us, human, as stewards of these creations and of course comprehend the love and artistic side of God—such a wonderful world, indeed! And with this, there's no question as what has been mulling in an artist's mind when they do their art of nature sketches and it's definitely not a waste of their minute, hour or day doing such activity, it's an inspiration, nature is their inspiration.

Each of us is an artist, create your art out of God’s art.

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