Not So Easy Drawings That I Mastered Eventually

by Cedric Morris

When I first started to sketch and draw I had so many comments that it was gross and more like child's play than anything serious.

Many of these comments really hurt me and so I only sketched in the quietness of my room, not showing my work with anyone—not even my parents.

It was some years later, when in my early teens, my mother took some of my drawings to show at the school's annual drawing and painting contest.

My mother never told me about this until I spotted two of my drawings among hundreds of others and I confronted her about them. "Well," she said, "I thought you'd be a little reticent about showing off your work and I thought you had a good chance of winning as your drawings are so good, so I asked the headmaster to display them and he agreed!"

Mother told me later there were many comments about my work, all of them good which gave me no end of confidence. Although I did not win the contest, I have several stars for originality.

Thereafter I had gained much enthusiasm for drawing and I was not longer shy about taking my sketchbook to school and showing it off amongst my peers.

Even later after the school years, I went out into the local malls and parks and freely drew people and places while ignoring all the people milling around and their comments. This was a wonderful feeling.

Cedric Morris

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