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Panda in black and white pencil and inkOur Friend Panda

It's simple! Just select a category below—or any category and tell us a little about yourself and your drawing, then upload a picture of it. You can upload up to four images.

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What Other Folks Have Said

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Drawing Powerful Landscapes 
When drawing landscapes, you should consider if the "bounding space" should be rectangle, square, round or some other shape. You should not be bound …

Gu Hye Sun 
She is a Korean actress, and I like her, so I was eager to paint her.

loving couple 
It's a sketch representing the love between a boy and girl. A long silence after meeting that's called true love.

Anime Lover 
I love anime so I decided to draw them. The drawing is not that great -- my drawings are normal, but I hope you enjoy it. Your comments are welcome …

Lil Wayne 
I do realistic charcoal. alot of people say its too messy but I enjoy it and seem to gradually just keep getting a little better.

The Kathakali 
i have used oil pastels for my drawing here so the colouring was little bit dirty sorry for that since I couldnt finish the details

A Modern Look Design 
It is a new idea from me and used in party or wedding functions. We can give a dark color to this design to make it more effective. Let me have …

Inspired What have you been inspired by, Mohamed? I checked on and came back with this answer: She is known for her activism for …

Free Sunday with my pencil and this is what I come up with;)

My Cat (little) LouLou 
This pencil sketch was done very quickly some years ago I was on a trip from Sydney to Bunbury in Western Australia visiting my parents. While …

K. ManiMaran Arts 
Baby Still by Manimaran

Indian Traditional Wedding 
My drawing portrays an Indian traditional wedding. By Rekha G

Lord Narashima 
Lord Narshima is one of the Incarnation of lord Vishnu. Actually Lord Narashima is a half lion, half human avatar. He takes this form to kill …

Lord Krishna 
I love to draw. Okay, so you love to draw, that's great. What about saying something about your drawing of Lord Krishna? What is he doing or …

Why so serious? 
I am a great fan of joker so i tried this.

Hay Bale 
Jesus said: “I am the vine; you are the branches. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you …

Che Guvera 
A piece on Che Guvera only using an HB pencil. By Prajesh Arulrajan

Who am I? 
Who am I, that the Lord of all the earth Would care to know my name, Would care to feel my hurt? Who am I, that the Bright and Morning Star Would choose …

It's All About Pencil Sketch Work 
My sketches are derived from the heart and end with the soul. If you want to see more, then visit my art page @ …

Pencil sketch of Clint Eastwood 
I've been a sketch artist for 10 years. My favorite media is the pencil. To me pencil drawing and a trained eye is what makes for realistic features! …

My Rock My Refuge  
The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; My God is my rock, in whom I take refuge, My shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. …

Still Life 
The work "Still Life" is done on A3 black Cansons paper with koh-i-noor soft pastels.

Jesus Said: See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed …

God Siva 
I have drawn this using HB.2B,4B pencils, shading tools on hard sketch pad. Contributed by Amila Abeywickrama Sri Lanka

Nisar Sketches 
I want to improve my sketching. Therefore I started after seeing your web page. I just tried to draw what other people already drew. I would love …

It's a picture which inspired me when, I saw it in an advertisement.

My Friend.... 
I have drawn this using 2H, HB, 2B, 4B pencils and paper stumps as shading tool on hard sketch pad. Time taken to completion was two hours.

My Friend 
I have drawn this using 2H,HB,2B, and 4B pencils with paper stumps on hard sketch pad. Time taken to completion was 15 hours.

God will make a way 
“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you.”......Psalm 32:8 God will make a way Where …

A Girl Near the Window  
She is inside the room and standing alone near the window. There must be slight breeze across the room through the window. I am wondering that …

Can You Be Healed With Art? 
It has often been said that art is medicine for the soul which ultimately heals the body. Going back centuries in healing, shamanism came to the fore with …

The Hidden Secret 
This drawing is about the beauty of the female figure and I've used only a pencil to complete it. Your comments will be welcomed.

Pencil Sketches 
I love sketching. I can't draw anything new on my own. But I have drawn many sketches from books, newspapers, computer wallpapers and calendars.

Sketch by Aftab 
I am an engineering student in INDIA. I have been drawing sketches from my childhood. Due to my family background I am here for engineering, but …

Pablo Picasso Drawings and Shared Themes: The Nude 
Some notable artists in bygone years did share many themes and ripped off (copied exactly) other artists and the rip-offs did not give new meaning or show …

In memory of ranger Nick Hall 
Mechanical pencil and shading tools I made out of newspaper. Time to complete this work was about four hours.

Silence of the Lambs 
A tribute to an amazing film.

Girl Smiling 
Using HB pencil. Captured with lumia.

THESE ARE DRAWINGS OF GREAT ARTISTS THAT I SAW on the web then drew it. Comments please! :-))

Nicki Manij  
Submission by Marvin Hardy

House Plant 
House Plant by Travis Hockley

Nature Sketches 
During winter season in our Bangladesh, different kinds of cakes like Puli, Vapa, Chitoi etc are made using newly reaped rice. All members of …

My Loving Friend Chadika 
I have used 2H,2B,and 4B pencils with paper stumps to complete this drawing on a hard sketch pad. This picture was given to my friend as a gift. …

It's My Little Daughter Pencil Sketches Name Pihoo.

Carnival Creepy 
Pictures speak louder than words... By Todd

The Universe  
This is about the universe...

Face Portrait 
It is about people faces

Silent and Excellent Service At The Helm 
This is Commander Of The Sri Lanka Navy. I have used 2H,2B,HB,4B Pencils and paper stumps to complete this and took me 12 hours. Amila Abeywickrama …

Sri Lanka Artist Amila 
If you are traveling upcountry (Kandy) in Sri Lanka, you can experience the beauty of nature like rivers, trees, mountains, birds and so on. Among …

Drawing of a Girl 
I love drawing...I sit and just look at the picture and draw it.

This is a pencil drawing of a skull. Everybody has one. By Travis Webmaster: Your images would look much better if you cropped them. Just …

Steam Engine Not rated yet
I had an unfulfilled fascination for drawing and painting when I was young. I got a chance to revive this hobby after my retirement from services. This …

The Train Not rated yet
This is a pencil drawing by me. I had a flair for drawing from school days, but could do it only after my retirement 12 years ego. This drawing is made …

Realism  Not rated yet
I do drawing by pencil, and real things like humans, flowers...etc

Lionel Messi  Not rated yet
This is about a famous football player called Lionel Messi from Argentina. He is my favourite, that is why I drew him.

Lonely Girl Not rated yet
As the day gives WAY to Night, I miss having you by my side My Heart is singing the song to say I have been missing you More than words …

Concealed Not rated yet
I am not taking the religion into consideration. I've used her veil which is covered around her mouth showing the lack of freedom, expression, …

Vengeance Not rated yet
Painting watercolor with graphics pencil inspiration from digital painting

Fatherhood Not rated yet
I used to sketch a lot when I was a teenager(I'm 41 now!) this is one of the last ones I did which was 20 yrs ago, I've just dug some of my sketches …

Flower Not rated yet
A Pink flower by Abasi

A Forever Wait' Not rated yet

A walk Not rated yet
A young lady taking a walk downtown in a romantic evening.

Garden View Not rated yet
A sweet girl having a relaxing time in a garden, rabbits playing alongside, butterflies and bugs are also seen.

Crane Bird Not rated yet
Family of cranes where mother crane is feeding the food to baby crane.Father is protecting them. Narayan 9742435465 Bangalore.

Rose Not rated yet
A Rose is a beautiful flower, although it appears in a different colour, a red rose is always awesome.

How to draw Hair Not rated yet
A sketch just to show the details of hair and ONLY hair, with lots of highlights :)

Drawing of Lionel Messi Not rated yet
My drawing of the World's Best football player, Lionel Messi! A tribute to all Argentina fans for Fifa World Cup 2014.

Abstract Landscapes Easy to Master Not rated yet
Hello, Here is my rough sketch created for an elderly lady who loved the impressionist painters especially Monet. This is nothing like Monet as …

Dragon Not rated yet
My first sketch, let's have your comments please.

My Babe and Me Not rated yet
A drawing of my girlfriend and me.

Shirdi Sai Baba!! Not rated yet
I sketch for my pleasure and it helps me to relax. I have sketched Sai Babab because am a big fan. I've given it a shot, hope you like it. …

Manipuri Girl in Traditional Dress Not rated yet
Hi there, I am originally from Manipur. There are many folktales and gods and goddesses of Manipur that are faceless. I want to give these gods and …

An idea about Humanity  Not rated yet
My sketch is about an idea that we all have the same roots but now we all are fighting for our survival and it appears in the expressions.

George Clooney 2012 Not rated yet
George Clooney 2012 sketch

City Sights Not rated yet
I draw for fun and love the pencil.

City Sights Not rated yet
I just draw for fun and love the pencil.

Broken Not rated yet
The most powerful force on the earth is the human soul on fire!

Alacia Silverstone Not rated yet
Alacia Silverstone, Hollywood movie star

Blackberries Not rated yet
It was just a simple drawing made to be painted easily or embroidered. But I like it a lot.

Brides Wear Not rated yet
Can you please write up something about your drawing. By doing this you will get more exposure.

Abstract Flower Design Not rated yet
It is a handmade craft design of a flower abstract with combinations of colours drawn by me.

Exotic Flowers, Work on paper Pen & Ink Drawing Not rated yet
My images portray various differences in human nature,from life's everyday dramas to humankind's quest to under-standing self. The artworks transport …

Art Subject: Loyal Friends ...  Not rated yet
Art Subject: Loyal Friend... is an art sketched on paper size 38X28 cm with HB,2B, 5B, 10B pencils. This sketch is of a pointer, pug and German shepherd. …

No words for Love Not rated yet
Anything for Love

Wolfmoon Not rated yet
Created from passions, executed with feelings, with a hating mind.

Mysterious Lady Not rated yet
My sketch is of a Maybelline model staring in a magazine. She expresses her beauty in a mysterious way! Write you comments in the box below please: …

Deer Not rated yet
This is my first time trying to draw seriously so I hope you like it :)

Face Sketch Not rated yet
A lady sketch with a serious face.

Abut nani ma ki Kahani Not rated yet
The sketching has been done without pencil and directly with colors which looks attractive and I have good sketching capability. Drawing is my passion. …

Chief Iron Tail Not rated yet
A quick spray can sketch on ms paint to commemorate lakota souix chief iron tail performing with the Buffalo Bill's wild west show.

Alternative World Elsa Not rated yet
Elsa from Frozen in an alternative universe. I am 13 years old and will start high school in the Fall. I LOVE to draw!

Squirt Not rated yet
With this drawing I used Prisma Premier Colored Pencils almost always. I start 9th grade at Oviedo High School in the Fall.

Green Eye Not rated yet
I am 13 years old and drew this using Prisma Premier Colored Pencils. I love drawing eyes. I start 9th grade at Oviedo High School in the Fall.

Plumeria Not rated yet
I am 13 years old and drew this using Prisma Premier Colored Pencils. I used my phone to take a picture of the Plumerias that are blooming in my back …

Unknown Future Not rated yet
Hallow I'm Julia and am a fan of sketching. So I tried a sketch with this one. My sketching is about a woman who represents women so lost in agony, …

Art Subject : Don't blink... Let me Draw :) Not rated yet
Don't blink... let me draw :) is a sketch made on 38 X 28 cm paper. It took 2 days to complete this drawing.

My Shepherd  Not rated yet
The LORD is my shepherd; I lack nothing. He makes me to lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters. He restores my soul; He leads …

Chibi Kiss on Chick Not rated yet
This drawing is about a girl chibi who kissed a guy chibi on cheek and the guy is shocked. I hope you all like it! I'm only 10 years old! …

A.P.J.Abdul Kalam Not rated yet
This is a sketch of ex-President of India, A.P.J.Abdul Kalam. He is my role model and I am greatly inspired by him.

Village Life Not rated yet
My sketch depicts the life of people in a typical Indian village. It portrays the difficulties faced by the people living in villages.

Standing on the Promises of God Not rated yet
1.Standing on the promises of Christ my King, Through eternal ages let His praises ring, Glory in the highest, I will shout and sing, Standing on the …

Beautiful Indian Paintings Not rated yet
Here is a collection if you follow this link to some of the really great Indian paintings.

Nude in Reclining Chair Not rated yet
Here is a preliminary sketch for a series of oil paintings I an experimenting with. Of course I need to refine the values to create more impact. I may …

Mermaid Not rated yet
Engaging the fantasy world.

Drawing of Carrie Underwood Not rated yet
Carrie Underwood looking to the sky.

Drawing of Butterflies Not rated yet
I really did draw these butterflies from a coloring book and also colored them on the computer.

Face Not rated yet
Pen sketching of a face...please leave your comments.

Religious Art Not rated yet
Sorry, I can't put duplicate content on this drawinf site, Google penalizes and "de-indexes" the page (will not list the page). Also Your image is …

Religious Art Not rated yet
I draw to ease my pain after loosing my dad. By Adrianna Rose

Tiger Not rated yet
Sketched and then painted it. By Alexus McFall

Mr Bean Does it Again Not rated yet
A cartoon rendering of Mr Bean, that funny man of sit com TV fame. AKA Rowan Atkinson, Mr Bean also inspired a cartoon spin-off. He has got a cartoon-like …

Landscape Sketches Follow The Rules Not rated yet
Here is one of my landscape sketches done rapidly and without much thought. What I did here is to use the "rule of thirds" Notice how there are …

Recovery Drawing of a Teddy Bear Not rated yet
Damaged but not beyond repair.

nature and abstract Not rated yet
Sketching and drawing is my passion going back from my early childhood days. I am a very good copy artist and sometimes I try drawing from my vision …

Zorro From a Magazine Cover. Not rated yet
Is my best work at sketching and I doubt if I could repeat a sketch today that good. I also did a wood burning of the sketch.

Rough Landscape Charcoal Sketches Not rated yet
I'm not the hardy type who can go out and draw or paint in freezing weather. Ok, so I'm a bit of a coward and like to wrap up with skin-tight woollies. …

My Doleful Dog Not rated yet
One of my favorite pets, the pug. We used to call him Puggie but now he's gone to the great yonder in the sky. My drawing of him brings back happy memories. …

My Passionate Landscape Drawings Not rated yet
This landscape drawing is done in the studio, not in the bleak view in front of the mountain and hills. And it has been created from memory in charcoal, …

Manimaran Not rated yet
Manimaran: Name of model in this drawing, also possible name of artist? The name Manimaran is an Indian film director, working in the Tamil film …

Nature Sketches in Downton Abbey? Not rated yet
I have a confession to make, it is not really in Dalton Abbey but I've watched all the series since it was first aired on PBS TV some years back. If …

Royal Ballet Dancers at Practice Not rated yet
One of my rough ballet dancer sketches in a quick pose near the end of a scene where the hero is dying. (well, it's drama you know!) The dancers can …

President Obama Cartoon Not rated yet
Hello Drawers and sketchers, I thought I'd like to do a cartoon sketch of President Obama. I think it is easier to draw a cartoon of Obama than go …

Betrayed by Her Friends Not rated yet
Chained to this burning log I feel the pain Chained to this burning log I feel the flames Now I know they always lied Now I know they were …

Orchid Drawing Not rated yet
Hope you like the orchid flower drawing I drew on the computer and also colored it. Is this a digital drawing? By Gwen

Backyard Drawing. Not rated yet
My friend took a picture of her backyard. So I drew it.

Cute Baby Not rated yet
Pencil sketch of a small cute girl. By A.Dinesh

A Baby Not rated yet
A new born baby lying happily in her mothers warm hands. By Gwen

Nature and Woman Not rated yet
Nature & woman are the most beautiful things on this planet. By Chan

Experience of Life on Face Not rated yet
This sketch depicts a human being's life journey full of experiences, ups and downs in life

FATHER'S LOVE Not rated yet
The art depicts of father's love towards his son.

A Bear in a quite glade. Not rated yet
Whenever I see some beautiful picture I want to draw it in my album. To look at beautiful images makes me inspired and uplifted; to draw them makes …

This is Fan Art. Johnny Depp. Brand new. Not rated yet
I love drawing gorgeous men. Celebrities. This one is Johnny Depp.

Will she find me Not rated yet
Little boys waiting on answers (no image submitted!)

Sonic Not rated yet
It isn't a sketch it's just a drawing that i did :)

Purushotam Sketches- Anuska Shetty from Varna Not rated yet
Here's a pencil sketch of Anushka Shetty, an Indian Film Actress

ASWIN CAR Not rated yet

Cartoon Not rated yet
I drew a sketch from an original one. By Vishnu PS: Hey Vishnu, Why not draw your very own cartoons! Just experiment - try it!

Noodle Not rated yet
My drawing created on a computer. By Alayna Webb

Cyber Bullying Not rated yet
This drawing represents cyber bullying so please, we need to stop bullying! By Patrick

Pen Sketches Not rated yet
Pen sketch of Graveyard. By Nisar

Goddess Durga Not rated yet
I drew the goddess Durga. My relatives and friends encourage me to draw, thanks to them. By Meenakshi

Want To Sell Your Art? Not rated yet
To be able to sell your beautiful canvases successfully, you must first - above everything else - have a great passion for what you do in the arts. …

Nisar Sketches Not rated yet
Pen sketch of landscape By Nisar

Yashoda and Krishna Not rated yet
I found this photo very attractive and decided to draw it with pencil. If you give me a photo of any face, I can make a pencil sketch. By Sumit …

Nature's Falling Leaves Not rated yet
SHARE AND INVITE YOUR FRIENDS TOO PLEASE, IT'S someone's hard work. URL edited It's a simple sketch with deep shading and gives a melancholic …

3D art: Stitching a Bond with PAPER.....  Not rated yet
Hello friends, here's the new art. I constantly work hard to show my best effort. This art is something which relates with "Bond" and "Paper" and …

Sometimes we run our brains...even though there is KEY next to that Solution.....  Not rated yet
Hello friends, this is the art when sometimes human use more brains when the ultimate key solution is next to them. This art not only emphasizes …

An exhibition with the name real life, figurative life Not rated yet
Concept work with the name "real life, figurative life" with the features of different links, mystery and art that the same applies by virtue of cooperation …

The Coffee Girl Not rated yet
Pencil sketch of a photograph by Lee Brown. By Shibon Skaria

The Dancing Girl Not rated yet
One of my earliest pencil sketches, using only an HB pencil on card-paper. By Shibon Skaria

Dog and Mountain Scene Not rated yet
A hobby of mine is I like to draw and/or copy from different books. Would like to show them off and I guess this is a good place. I have more than …

Apple and Orange Not rated yet
An Apple and an Orange. By Travis

Morto Vivo Not rated yet
Pictures speak louder than words... By Todd

Rain Not rated yet
I like drawing with pencils and some moments to capture the form. By Karthik Raja

Nirvana Bleach Not rated yet
One of my favorite albums.

Abraham Lincoln Not rated yet
He is the 16th President of the United states and one of the great leaders in American history. By Sujith Prakash

A Tough Catch..... Not rated yet
This sketch is originally created by me which represent the water effect of a fish that clearly describes in my art. By Siddhant Narvekar

Girl with Imagination Not rated yet
This drawing is basically base on my imagination while at school. This girl was wondering about something which I could see - and so this is what …

Ao (Naga) Dignity of Labour Not rated yet
Man shall not live by bread alone. The Bible. By Repalemzung Ao

Jhatt patt art Not rated yet
This subject titles "Jhatt Patt Art." This art is easy, quick and looks good when it comes to attract the eye. By Siddhant Narvekar

Tiger made by Meekail Not rated yet
This is a sketch drawn by Meekail Ahmed.

Loneliness and Music Not rated yet
Music can mitigate loneliness. By Samta Sharma

Books and Music Not rated yet
Books and Music by Samta Sharma

Indian Classical Dancer - Pencil sketch Not rated yet
It's a sketch of a classical dancer posing in front of a temple.

Ardhanareeshwara Not rated yet
The Atma is Purusha (Brahman) and the body is Prakriti (Feminine Principle) in human life. So. every human being is androgynous (Ardhareeshwara). …

Lord Shiva Not rated yet
It's about one of the gods named Shiva in Hindu (Hinduism) mythology. He is known as The Protector of Nature. Contributed by Sujith Prakash

My Art Not rated yet
Just a few random sketches of mine. I want to improve. Can anyone show me how? Help please!

Pencil work on A4 paper. 4H, 2H and 2B pencils. Contributed by Ramagopal

Drawing of a Bird Not rated yet
Drawing of a bird.

Drawing of a Bird Not rated yet
Drawing of a bird.

Taj Mahal Not rated yet
Another simple sketch of the most beautiful Taj Mahal of Agra Contributed by Swati Menon

A Beautiful Woman With a Man in the Background Not rated yet
I love to do pencil sketches, this is my favorite one. Contributed by Aishwarya K Vishwanath

My Ideas About
Sketching Zombies
 Not rated yet
As dictionary explains, zombie is a person who is believed to have died and been brought back to life without speech or free will. How do you sketch …

SeeGiri Not rated yet
I love Sri Lanka because it is a paradise island with beach holidays and a myriad of things to do. All you have to do now is come to Sri Lanka …

Perspective Not rated yet
I've just got handy on improving my perspective drawing. Contributed By Siddhant

The bride Not rated yet
I have completed this picture with 2B, HB and 4B pencils, paper stump as shading tool on hard sketch pad.

some real art... Not rated yet
In this drawing I try to make some real art; pushing myself for one hour completely to get the facial done. Finally some blurring done with my …

My Art Collection Not rated yet
These are sketches of the Radhakrishna, by Sur

More Than Artwork Not rated yet
My art page = http// (Your URL is not correct - no link)

ART BY HEART Not rated yet
Visit my ART page at http//

My art Collection Not rated yet
From my childhood I like to make pictures. Initialy I started to draw fish, different type of faces, Mickey Mouse, Mini Mouse and all type of cartoon …

Portraits of Famous People and Family Not rated yet
I wanted to better my tattooing skills, so i picked up a pencil and started to practice to draw in March 2013 and its now May of 2013 and this is …

Out Shopping Not rated yet
This is very beautiful & lovely girl.

Nature Not rated yet
Nature is all about beauty and here I have tried to showcase it with my pencil shading. By Pooja

Thought of trust Not rated yet
This pic is about trust. Even in a lonely boat a moon of trust can carry you to great heights; this moon is not in a distant place. It's in your hand. …

saving a child from entering this dreadful world Not rated yet
The child is safe and sound in a mothers womb but the world is full of fraudulent corruption and anti-acts. This pic is an imagination to tell an …

Seeing In The Dark Not rated yet
I started out by drawing a candle. The rest just popped in my head as do most of my drawings. It's not my best work but I love it! Contibution …

My Wife Sreedevi Not rated yet
This is my First sketch in pencil

Pencil Drawing of a Chair Not rated yet
Pencil drawing of a chair.

Building The Tree House Not rated yet
By 7 Yrs old Harshvardhan Sharma from India. Harshvardhan was planning to build a Treehouse in the nearby park and he decided to come up with a …

Evil Skull Drawings Can Be Fun and Scary Not rated yet
Evil skull drawings can be quite fascinating if you can let your imagination go wild. To stimulate your inspiration, start off with keeping a file of all …

Jester Drawing Not rated yet
Jester drawing. By Travis

Goat Dad Not rated yet
Sketched and painted with color pencils and charcoal. Turned it into a water color painting with computer program. Sandy Lange

coffee cup Not rated yet
Coffee. Nuff said. The proportions are a little off... It's my first coffee cup drawing.

Chipmonk in a trtee Not rated yet
Sketched from book. Painted with color pencils and wet with q-tips dipped in Mineral Spirits.

Apples in a Basket Not rated yet
Saw this still life in a magazine and sketched it. Then colored with colored pencils. Rubbed with q-tips to blend then digitized it into oil. …

Dry Summer Barn Not rated yet
Sketched with pencil and colored with color pencils and color chalk. Then digitized with my computer into pastel and again into a pen and ink. …

Tulip Not rated yet
Sketched with 2HB then colored with color pencils. Finally digitized it into an oil painting. Sandy Lange

Abstract and Impressionistic Paintings Gallery Not rated yet
The only place I could find the nearest category to show my paintings was this online drawing and sketching category. My paintings here are mainly broad …

Nude Drawing  Not rated yet
This is my first attempt at drawing a nude figure. It was quite the challenge for me. Submitted by Travis Hockley

Floral Face Not rated yet
A face using flowers as pattern. By Neha Sreedharala


The Famous Indian Actress Not rated yet
I have drawn this using 2H,2B,4B pencils and paper stumps on hard sketch pad. Time taken to completion was 8 hours.

American Eagle Not rated yet
A mascot of American Eagle By Ionut Alexandru March 2013

Sri Siradi sai Baba, religious guru of our country has propagated that one God, one humanity. This drawing is done with colour pencil with …

CUTE BIRD Not rated yet
The colour pencil drawing done with 'faber-castle' pencils with A4 size.

Admiral Of The Fleet
Andrew Cunningham
 Not rated yet
I have painted this using water based color pencils on hard sketch pad. By Amila Abeywickrama

The Fast Attack Craft Not rated yet
I have painted this using water based color pencil on hard sketch pad. By Amila Abeywickrama

Miss Pooja; One of the Best Punjabi Singers Not rated yet
This is my passion, pencil sketching and painting. By Andy29

Mother Teresa Not rated yet
I made a pencil skech of Mother Teresa totally free hand so please tell me where this drawing could be improved. Dev Sharma

Elements of Drawing Contour Shapes Not rated yet
These would consists of the edges of the objects you wish to draw and the negative space between them. Here they are with tribute to Mona Brookes who …

Georges Braque and Cubism Not rated yet
George Braque is supposedly the creator of cubism but looking deeply into some of Picasso's painting I think Georges was certainly influence by Picasso. …

Me and My Kids Not rated yet
A drawing I drew on paper then captured it with my camera-phone.

Comedy Not rated yet
A cat sealed in a jar, cartoon.

My Best Friend ... Not rated yet
My best friend.

Cristiano Ronaldo Not rated yet
I love my sketching—so it loves me back and expresses beautifully on the drawing sheet. love your drawings.

Using The Value Scale in Drawing Not rated yet
I've noticed that many submissions—if not all of them that I've seen—do not use the value scale at all. This is a pity because some of these …

Artist Somesh Singh Not rated yet
Taking time but doable ....

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The Drawing-Pencil-Sketches website is very well put-together. The pencil sketch at the top of the page catches your eye right away and makes you interested in reading and learning more about what it is about and is very well organized and easy to find your way around the site.

It makes you feel confident that you really could learn to draw and sketch. Drawing pencil sketches is very detailed and provides great advice on learning how to draw just about anything!.

Christine Garret-Hartford