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Angelina Jolie Drawing 
Simple and straight drawing; Angelina Jolie from a photograph. Your comments are welcome.

Drawings by Nishanth 
I'm Nishanth, I'm an engineering graduate.I have quite interest in pencil arts and started to learn drawing through surfing. I started drawing …

Amazing Singers, Amazing Songs 
Series: Amazing Singers, Amazing Songs Marsh Wren, an anointed singer from Wren family, is a tiny shy song bird, a citizen of northern hemisphere. …

Amazing Singers, Amazing Songs 
Series: Amazing Singers, Amazing Songs Active, acrobatic, clinging to small limbs and twigs, hanging upside down from tender branches to leaves, hustle …

Another Art work from my series "Bitiya" (a daughter). Yasmin, in my sketch, is a two years old little girl from Germany. She is in her precious …

Sketching and Painting Nature 
You can get some marvellous sketches from Mother Nature whether that be fauna, flora or animals. Over the years I've created many flowers paintings …

Well it's a skull. I did something to make it a bit scary. To make something scary you have to make the drawing very dark and murky. Leaving …

This is a film star you know with many facial expressions and probably one of the hardest to sketch because of her lips and nose portions. I've …

20th Century Artists 
I came across this painting of Wall Street with the corporate powers that be, hanging unrealistically from a not so compassionate sky. The Wall Street …

Drawing For Pleasure is important to me 
I first began drawing as a child. I became more interested in drawing while I was in high school. I had the opportunity to take several years of art …

What Are The Major Forms of Art? 
This poses another question: which are the most used to convey human emotions and reactions? That might be literature, poetry, graphic arts, cinema, dance, …

Drawing for Fun 
Ever since I was a little kid I enjoyed drawing for fun. My youngest memories were of my uncle and I laying around drawing pictures and coloring with crayons. …

Epic Robo Quest. Not rated yet
A drawing I made for my friends. I am good at drawing robots.

Eagle Not rated yet
Eagles aren't born mad, life make them cruel.

Live to Ride Not rated yet
MS paint spray can sketch of free-spirited biker.

Lady Gaga Cartoon Not rated yet
I have to confess I've not only never listened to her music and never purchased any of her albums which have sold over 25 million globally. That's no …

Sometimes You Feel Like Screaming! Not rated yet
But it is only sometimes you feel like it. Fortunately the feeling passes quickly. Frustration can be annoying and this I have tried to emphasize in …

Drawings of Flowers Not rated yet
Here is a rough pencil sketch which comes from my notebook "drawings of flowers." I am rather fond of flowers as they do not judge me if it is not …

Rough Drawing of My Brother Not rated yet
Here is a rough sketch I did of my brother who, at the time, was very reluctant to pose as he thinks it is quite "sissy" to pose for a hand-drawn portrait. …

How Did the Word "Impressionism" Come About? Not rated yet
Pretty much like other art movements before and after. "Impressionism" actually came about in Paris at the first exhibition of the Societe Anonyme Cooperative …

Do You Know Much About The History of Indian Art? Not rated yet
Do you know that from the second to the 16th century, painting throughout India kept pace abreast of "temple sculpture?" Some of these paintings were treated …

Pencil Sketch - Samantha Ruth Prabhu Not rated yet
Here's a pencil sketch of Samantha Ruth Prabhu, an indian film actress.

Micheal Jackson Not rated yet
I sketched this from an online photo of Michael Jackson. I've been drawing on a regular basis for approx 6 months. I draw portraits of people and …

Sketchy Face Not rated yet
Well, I ain't that good, but i'm doin what I could...thanks for viewing. By Simon Falls Down

Just an Imaginary Face Not rated yet
A thinking fellow by my pencil... Please tell me where my drawing is lacking. Contributed by Nabajyoti

She Is My Grand Ma Not rated yet
I love to draw and I have started with drawing my family members first. I have tried to show her earlier look as she is 82 now. Contributed …

Sketch of a Girl Not rated yet
Here is something I wanted to try in this sketch, a face of an indian woman. I used to find it difficult to draw the sketch lines but now I think …

How To Draw a Landscape IMO and Experience Not rated yet
You start off with a thumbnail sketch about 4 inches wide by about 3 inches tall. You work initially only with white, black and a middle tone gray. The …

Ma Canvas Not rated yet
Here are just some sketches of mine, rather portraits, which I cherish.:)

How To Draw a Flower  Not rated yet
A very simple way to start off with how to draw flowers. This video demo is based on the 5 petal flower for simplicity. Note that you start off with …

The Future of Futurism Not rated yet
Gino Severini was the creator of "Futurism" or perhaps the driving force. Duchamp was also well-known for his futuristic style. Futurism art forms …

Abanindranath Tagore Not rated yet
Abanindranath Tagore That well-known Indian artist, born August 1871, died 1951, was quite a prolific painter and supporter of Swadeshi styles during …

Two Roses Not rated yet
I have always loved roses and was afraid to draw them, but one day I told myself I could do it. So I took my time and drew these two roses, …

Sketching Creations From Photoshop Not rated yet
My drawings are taken from creations I've done from Photoshop. There is a lot of scope in P/Shop which seems unlimited when merging or morphing images …

Sketches With Short Stories Not rated yet
I only started sketching a few months ago, when I accompanied my short stories with a small pencil sketch. Our moderator was very impressed, and because …

Peacefull Mountain Scenes Not rated yet
Hi, I love sketching these types of mountains scenes incorporating water and evergreen trees. I have been concentrating on adding more detail into my …

Wings Drawing Not rated yet
As I love birds of all types and people have told me I can sketch quite well, I thought I'd like to share some of my wings drawings with you. I have …

Not So Easy Drawings That I Mastered Eventually Not rated yet
When I first started to sketch and draw I had so many comments that it was gross and more like child's play than anything serious. Many of these comments …

Free Drawing Lessons Not rated yet
There are free drawing lessons available on this site, in fact,they are all free. My suggestion here is to subscribe to the free monthly newsletter …

Gothic Art Drawings Not rated yet
Gothic art drawings whether sculpture, frescoes or architecture, was considered barbaric in the early 1200's. Gothic art forms, interestingly, emanated …

The Mother and Child by Varma Not rated yet
The best painting I have ever seen is the "Mother And Child" by the famous painter, Raja Ravi Varma. Speaking about the painter, he is an Indian …

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