Owl Drawings

 With Those Large Watchful Eyes!

How To Draw an Owl quick and Easy

Ever heard that sometimes annoying “twit-twoo, twit-twoo,” in the late hours of the evening? They are calling for their mates to come as Big Owl has spotted their favorite meal—a mouse in the underbrush, in fact there seems to be a nest scratching around with the poor mice not knowing their fate!

There are some lovely owl drawings on the Pinterest site, in fact I have many images there from pencil sketches to pen and ink studies. Shoot over there and copy a few to get ideas.

Owls are fairly simple to draw if you follow along with me in these easy steps. These are rough, quick owl drawings.

You draw the basic owl shape which is an elongated oval—like an egg that’s been stretched a bit. The most redeeming feature of the owl is of course the eyes, large and piercing. These are placed near the top of the head.

Next is the classic V-shape you see usually on the horned owl which start from the “nose-like” beak-shape running upwards to form the “ears” although they are not really ears. An owl would not be an owl without those spiteful looking claws that grip their prey in a vice-grip! The claws are just as important if you want to draw an owl realistically.

Step One
Draw the outline only as you see here in the above image. Draw the head a round shape, not with a compass but freehand!

Step Two
Draw the classic V-shape then the eyse and the almost straight beak

Step Three
 Here you can put the talons in and the branch to wrap his claws around.

Step Four
This is a rough sketch, not a finished drawing. So draw in rough lines to indicate the feathers; put some shading under his big V-shape and over the eyes at the top with a soft pencil. Now ask your buddies what they think of your drawing!

The Wise Old Owl

Does your drawing look like an owl? You can use these basics also for cartoon owls which I will put up here soon. Meanwhile get drawing owls.

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