Painter of Light

by Delene Marchia

Thomas Kinkaide, the painter of light, is an artist who is best known for his work with soft colors and dull brush strokes. His most well-known works of art are those he paints of Christmas/Winter scenes, church scenes, countryside scenes, and military paintings.

Kinkaide paints some of the best landscapes of Christmas scenes than any other artist. He captures the true feelings of the holidays and knows just the right items to put into the picture to capture the true sense.

With his military paintings, Kinkade is best known for capturing single soldiers by themselves. He is also well known for the piece he submitted to the USO of a soldier coming home.

In his winter and church themes, Kinkade has been criticized for not using any people in his paintings. Kinkade has stated that he does not paint people in his themed pictures because he wants viewers to place themselves into the painting to draw out their own emotions.

However in 2009, Kinkade painted scenes of the Indianapolis Speedway and in it he painted many people in the grandstands. Kinkade is still painting at the age of 53 and claims to continue until his nineties!

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