Peacefull Mountain Scenes

by Jeff
(Olympia, WA USA)


I love sketching these types of mountains scenes incorporating water and evergreen trees. I have been concentrating on adding more detail into my mountains. It is a great way to pass time and I really enjoy it. Appreciate your honest opinion of my work.


Nice work Jeff. I have a few suggestions to make;
Make your foreground stronger (darker with more contrast) and create a few more mountains in the background—both of these give your drawings more depth.

Keep in mind the "rule of thirds" which is basically finding a point one third in from the bottom, sides or top to place your focal point. A real skill is getting your viewer to lead his or her eye in your picture to finally rest on the focal point.

I've written an article on the rule of thirds about a month ago.

Hope this helps

Keep up your good drawing and get your friends to comment on it.


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