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When an artist puts pencil to paper, the results can be just as beautiful and significant as when he/she applies a brush to a canvas. It's all in the subject, the flair, the technique, and of course in all the passion and emotion that goes into each work.

Some pencil artists, for example, like to capture beautiful nature-borne scenes in their works; therefore, at least one room in any pencil drawing gallery could be devoted to decorative renderings of oceans, mountains, gardens, forests, jungles, lakes, parks, and any number of other scenic wonders—and well as up close renderings of flowers, trees, etc.

Pencil portraits are also particularly popular (OK, could we fit any more 'p' words into one sentence?! Possibly!); artists take great joy in drawing everyone from their family members and loved ones to professional posers (a couple more p words for you), and even famous figures such as actors and actresses, sports stars and world leaders.

Others like to draw pictures of pets, in the form of pet portraits (OK, I think we've now officially met the nationally established 'p word' quota for one article). The 'point' is that every pencil art gallery should include lots of portraits.

Houses, along with other buildings and monuments, tend to be other common focuses of pencil art. A drawing enthusiast might want to etch out the likeness of their own home, or perhaps the White House. They might draw up their own version of Mt. Rushmore, or perhaps just commit to paper the likeness of a statue that stands in their town square.

Furthermore, some pencil artistes—regardless of their subject—are experimenting with the use of colored pencils; thus adding a touch of class and splash to their portraits.

Indeed, a pencil drawing gallery is sure to be a place filled with class and splash—not to mention some great artwork.

There are many benefits of sketching, sometimes therapeutic sometimes just fun stuff and perhaps even to create something that did not exist before?

Please upload some of your own sketches here so others may enjoy them,—even help them so give feedback on your drawings.

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