Pencil Drawing Techniques

by Sachan Guitra

Before you start to draw your favorite animal or a portrait, you need to do a few warming up exercises. These exercises loosen up you wrist and hand so your lines become bold and display vitality.

Start off with circles, then lines going in many directions, then ovals. Do these exercises as quickly as possible which is the essence of getting a good drawing.

Often you will see drawings where the artist has struggled with unsure lines especially when going over the same area many times.

When drawing circles or ovals, use your whole arm, with small ones you only need to use your wrist. Try large and small then see the difference. Then try this: draw your circle clockwise, then draw a series anti-clockwise—and fill your whole page with these.

For these exercises use an HB or 2B pencil and hold the pencil lightly.

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