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Ideas For Beginners to Start

One of the toughest parts of being an artist is finding inspiration for your next pencil drawings. Luckily, there's a big world out there with all sorts of things to look at and draw. It's really just a matter of picking something that you think would make a good challenge for you. It's entirely dependent on your personal skill level, and whether you're just starting out or you've drawn for a while and want to keep pushing yourself creatively.

It's hard to know when inspiration will strike and where, so it's good to carry a small sketch pad and pencil with you just in case. Some of the more common places to visit if you're looking for artistic inspiration are parks or cafes. With summer coming, many people will be outside licking ice cream cones, walking their dogs, or talking too loudly on their cellphones. Your inspiration is just one head turn away.

If you find something that you'd like to try to capture, no matter how silly it might seem, then do it. You could draw the curvature of the ear of the dachshund that goes trotting past you on the sidewalk. The way the brick of a building looks as the afternoon sun hits it straight on, casting shadows of the trees and power lines overhead.

Notice the bend of a waiter's wrist as he pours coffee for someone over at the next table. As an artist, it's your job to notice details and draw them in your own unique way, but the details you pick and what you decide to tackle are entirely up to you.

Pencil drawings are as simple or as complex as you can make them. The only limitations are the ones you choose to set for yourself. If you don't feel satisfied with your first pass on the dachshund's ear, then try again, adding more details as you go, or maybe even add some shading to give the finished work a bit more depth.

Drawing is about showing the world the way you see it, but it's up to you to look and decide what to draw and how you want that finished piece to look. It's common to see artists with sketch books full of drawings of an eye here, a lamp-post there. There's no limit to what you can create, so the most important question is: What would you like to draw? Whatever it is, you must be passionate about it!

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