Pencil Drawings Of Angels

The All-Time Favorites to Draw and Paint

If you can envision it, you can draw it, and pencil drawings of angels is a great place to start.

Artwork based on the supernatural world gives you a lot of leeway to express yourself with individual style. Since creatures we cannot see or exist only from a printed text do not have any rules and regulations about their construction, your artistic pathway is free and clear to draw angels any way you see fit. Your angels can be fat, slim, bald, male or female, cupid or whatever.

The only rule is; there are no rules—so draw totally from your imagination!

Angels You Can Draw
Angels come in many forms from traditional Biblical angels representing good and evil to fat baby angels taken from Greek mythology.

The easiest place to start is with a simplistic form of angel that does not require many lines to define it. The Valentine's Day cupid angel is an easy angel drawing with a stout and chubby outline, wings and arrow.

Learning to draw a cupid angel is ideal to make your own greeting cards and transfers to circulate around the holiday time or simply cheer someone up.

In addition, cupid angels are a snap to create and will build your art skills towards bigger and better angel drawings.

Why Use A Pencil?
OK, you are psyched out and stoked up about doing your first angel drawing, so be sure to make the process a positive one by using a pencil instead of a pen or charcoal.

Pencil drawings of angels are done entirely from the motion of the wrist, hand and fingers and will give you maximum control over your lines. You may outline with a faint pressure, go back and erase, and use the strongest muscles in your drawing hand to create your first angelic image. Once you have gained a confidence and security with your angel work, the next step is to use a canvas tilted upwards and draw with a full arm swing with charcoal.

Making the transition is easier than you think, however, for now, your pencil drawings on a flat surface will eliminate any coordination problems and enable you to complete your first angel drawing.

Tricks For Angels Made Easy
When drawing angels for the first time, you do not need to complicate your artwork. If you feel uncomfortable about drawing faces, try drawing your angel from a side view or sweep the hair forward like wind action motion to cover the face. In addition, other tricks to simplify include adding a trumpet to cover the lower face, draw angel cartoons with Disney style features, or just make the angel outline for an abstract art creation.

Practice makes perfect, so just start from where you are and build your skills at your own pace. You don't have to be an expert at everything to make a fantastic angel on your first try, you just have to get started and go.

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A playful angel in the garden of EdenA playful angel in the garden of Eden
Big Angel Wings although they do not need wingsBig Angel Wings although they do not need wings
A young female angel reading the BibleA young female angel reading the Bible

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