Pencil Flower Drawings

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Best Way to Start if
You Love to Draw Flowers

Pencil flower drawing is easy as pie when you know only these few basic steps, so follow along with me here.

All flower shapes follow a basic pattern where the petals emanate from a central point.

So you'd start your drawing with only a basic dot which is the center point for your petal guidelines going outwards from it.

As these are guidelines, draw them in using a soft lead pencil which you can erase later.

The easiest flower to draw like this is a daisy having only five petals. So draw a freehand circle with a dot placed in the middle then draw five lines equally apart until they touch the outside circle.

There you will have your five guidelines for your petals and now you have to give them a little more shape. How do we do this?

See where your five radiating lines touch the circle you have drawn? Here you draw a V-shape on each line where it touches the circle. So now you have five petals. Does it look like a daisy yet?

The next stage is to draw a small circle around your center dot in the middle.

Next, erase your guidelines but only where the outline circle crosses over the V shape. See, it is looking like a daisy, right?

Now you should round off the corners as there are no really straight lines in Mother Nature. Extend your petal lines fractionally over the circle and place a point in the middle of the outside petal.

By now it should look something like a simple daisy. Let's make it a little more natural by drawing a stem from which your flower grows and add a few leaves. The stem of course should meet up behind the flower to connect with your invisible dot.

The only thing that is missing are the leaves—see video clip below for how to draw these.

Let me know how you get on with this easy drawing exercise.

Watch this Video Clip on Pencil Flower Drawing


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