Pencil Sketch Art For Beginners

by Rev. Theodore Martin



Pencil sketching art is one of the most therapeutic activity to be involved in. Why? It really takes your mind off stressful things that are going along in your mind.

If you have spent an hour or two drawing, you will often feel as if you have refreshed your mind as you would in meditation.

Drawing and sketching is an outflowing energy from you to your drawing - or, in other words, giving back to the universe. Not quite like it but giving something to another - a gift which actually validates you. You must have felt fuzzy and warm sometime or other when a smile from a recipient says so much more than "Thank You."

Giving is really a two-way flow. There is a certain reciprocity at play. You receive a present and possibly felt you have to give something in return. But it is human nature to give a favor in return. This keeps things in balance.

So your drawings give something back to you. What do you think that could be? One thing I know is giving you more skill in your ability to draw. And another is giving you an increase in your awareness - and that is the best of all.

Theodore Martin
Malta 2017

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Pencil Sketches