Pencil Sketch Drawings USA

by Marius Naude
(Bloomingdale MA)

Crazy Horse Chief

Crazy Horse Chief

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Drawing with a pencil is the most immediate way of showing an idea or feeling (emotion) in a visual way. And it requires only ONE simple mark on a plain piece of paper.

With your carefully chosen lines or made with much consideration - can create a complex thing or some natural form right from Mother Nature.

I suggest studying the visual western arts rather than Eastern art, or Japanese or Asia etc. is important for investigating nature as so many of our traditions art form have been exploited in 20th Century art.

Drawing is mainly anything that makes a mark on any surface - pencil on paper, draw with a stick in the sand, a leaking can of paint, a charcoal stick, a sharp tool on a rock - anything that makes a mark on anything.

If you like abstract drawing (which I wrote about yesterday) you should try and concentrate on small shapes about 2" x 3" to start off with.

The best medium is a 2B lead pencil until you have completed a few sketches THEN branch out with all sorts of other media. That's the way with abstract pencil drawings.

Try collage, blotting with oil-based paints, dribbling, spraying - and, as a side note; cutting up magazines from articles - images mainly and then re-assembling them to give full reign to your creativity. Remember, anything that makes a mark or creates a shape can be used to draw with.

One of the most difficult things to draw with is a computer mouse - that is a bit like drawing with a brick!

Marius Naude 2017

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