Perceptual Drawing

by jollyon Hooley
(London PA)

One-Eyed Viking

One-Eyed Viking

Perceptual Drawing is really being able to see those things as they are without additives of any sort.

Sometimes when we look at stuff to draw we would initially only be aware of the largest basic forms to the smaller ones. But until we gain experience and more know-how in our drawing skills which can take years - we will not be able to perceive any complex parts that a professional artist would.

As we develop as artists, we do become more aware of the forms before we start drawing so we are aware of exactly where to start.

Of course, there is a warm up period in our drawing group which actually is an emotional thing where you are not thinking, you are just doing some wild swings with your hands and arms with charcoal in hand. I've noticed over the years in drawing the human form, that these are oftentimes some of the best drawings I've seen.

Drawing the human body is really daunting where you can see complex shapes interlocking with other complex shapes. I always tell my students to half close their eyes so they can only see the larger shapes with no detail. You loose all detail when you half close your eyes and only become aware of bulk forms.

You can also get yourself a 6-inch x 4-inch piece of black glass. This definitely helps you to cut out ALL detail - and your drawing becomes more accurate!

Jollyon Hooley
June 2017

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