Perspective Drawing  

 A Simplified Approach

Perspective drawing is basically showing volume on a flat surface and existing in space as you see it. In other words there is a vanishing point (VP) on the horizon where everything converges as you've seen a railway track vanish in the distance. 

All realistic drawings should have vanishing points which artists and illustrators are usually aware of.

One point here is that this is simply "One Point Perspective" NOT multiple vanishing points which is far more complex.

Perspective drawings looks quite complex but in fact, as you'll see below, they are quite simple if you follow along with the illustrations here.

We'll start off with a one-point perspective even though you will find multiple perspective points in most drawings which we'll chat about on another page.

In this sketch #1, the line running horizontally represents your eye level (more on this later) and the single VP can be anywhere on that line. This horizontal line represents--in landscape paintings--the division between the sky and the foreground and this line can be placed anywhere within the picture plain (the picture plain is the area of paper or canvas you are working on.)

In sketch #2 let's draw a line from the VP going somewhere up in the sky and the second line running downwards across the foreground as shown here.

Sketch #3: We'll draw a rectangle between the 2 converging lines and draw several more horizontals to give the illusion of volume.

Sketch #4 Here we’ve drawn in the box shape or house using parallel lines to the main horizontal line. There is only one VP here for simplicity sake but we’ll discover later there can be hundreds or thousands of these vanishing points.

Sketch #5. We’ve now taken out all the converging lines that meet up with the VP.

Once you have mastered these, we can go further into a 2 point perspective which is also quite simple to master. 

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