Picasso Drawing Face

by Peter A. Hawkins
(New York)

Picasso Drawing of Woman's Head

Picasso Drawing of Woman's Head

Picasso at the Museum of Art which can be sometimes a monumental art show, when we are presented with 300 or more art pieces, executed by Pablo Picasso between his teenage years to his late 80's.

Blue Period, Rose Period, Cubist Period, Classicism, Surrealism, bullfighters, distorted women heads and bodies, animals--they're all included in dozens of paintings, a big collection of drawings, a dozen sculptures and ceramics, and a large extensive choice of prints.

World-class exhibitions come around here in NY from time to time so if you happen to be in NY go to a Picasso show, you will never be disappointed. Some of his female head drawings are worthy of an in-depth study where you will discover on Picasso's timeline how his creativity developed - right up to his death.

I stood in a mile-long queue for hours to get into the Metropolitan Museum of Art to one of his shows - but it was worth it.

Peter Hawkins
New York

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