Masterful Picasso Sketches 

"If Only I Could Draw Like Picasso"

Picasso sketch of Woman's HeadPicasso sketch of Woman's Head

A masterful work of art like Picasso sketches can touch the heart and emotions of the viewer, and in most cases, was sprung forth from the tortured and tormented mind of a unique individual.

No stranger to adversity, the Pablo Picasso sketches reveal the depth and spirit of this deep reaching artist that spilled his guts on a canvas and made a mammoth mark for his place in recorded history.

Picasso realized his knack for art at an early age, and at seven years old began to hone his skills. By the age of thirteen, Picasso surpassed and superseded the skills of his teachers and knew he was on the road to fame.

Picasso reached within his pain from losing his younger sister, Conchita, who succumbed to diphtheria in 1885. Picasso's preferred form of expression favored the works of El Greco and his own exaggerated imagery of elongated limbs, pioneering coloring techniques and free flowing ideas beyond the sphere of realism.

By 1905, Picasso had turned the heads of some of the most notable art collectors to include Gertrude Stein, who would become instrumental in opening the floodgates of camaraderie and competition with Henri Matisse.

Things were not all roses for the early years of the great Picasso. Like many new artists, struggle and survival was a way of life. From day one, Pablo Picasso knew the meaning of the word adversity.

Pronounced a still born at birth, Picasso showed the world what he was made of and took a breath, defying all the odds of survival.

Upon arrival in Paris around 1900, Picasso's sketches and paintings dazzled, however, brought little in monetary return.

To stay warm during the winter cold, Picasso had to burn some of his paintings just to stay alive. We can only imagine what superlative works crackled in the consuming flames, but we must trust his judgment that the burned works were not in vain. Adversity can be friend or foe, depending on how we learn from it. Picasso did learn indeed and pushed forward to become one of the greatest masters of the twentieth century.

Picasso's later painting career and posthumous achievements would catapult him to the top of his field and firmly establish him as one of the Great Masters. Picasso drawings hit record breaking sales and a fury from collectors put Pablo Picasso in a league of his own. A force to be reckoned with, the works of Pablo Picasso are among the highest priced paintings in the world with a take from prestigious Sotheby's pulling in more than 100 million dollars!

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