Picasso's Guernica Head

by Edward Noble

Picasso's Guernica Head

Picasso's Guernica Head

Picasso's Guernica Head
Prelim Drawing For Guernica Head

There is a great interest in Picasso’s drawings and paintings so I thought I’d write up some of my findings

Picasso’s painting Still Life with Fish can be analyzed by a ‘picture plane composition’ using a number of methods. Some of his drawing as quite crude (see Study of Guernica) He does not display here any grace just crude forms thrown together. We know he has the skill to integrate the forms for maximum effect.

what is Picasso attempting to do here?

Is this the only way he can create the anguish shown in the drawing? Could he have drawn the head with beautiful flowing lines? I do not think so.

He was the master of his pencil, brush and paint. Few artist in history ever came close to his ability.

It was Picasso’s intention to control his technique and it is difficult to separate intention from technique.

A work of art can be summed up as a product of man which has a defined form which communicates human experience.

Probably Picasso's most famous work, Guernica is certainly the his most powerful political statement, painted as an immediate reaction to the Nazi's devastating casual bombing practice on the Basque town of Guernica during Spanish Civil War.

Credits to http://www.pablopicasso.org/guernica.jsp where you can get full data on this painting.

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Nov 19, 2015
Thank You Edward
by: Jon

Good comments about one of Picasso's best cubist paintings. Show more here will you and get others contributing their work - Hey, even if it is a copy of Picasso's.

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